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Why Government Job better than a Private Job?

Both government job and private jobs have their advantages and disadvantages; It is up to you to choose it. The obvious rationale is that private jobs pay more and government jobs are more secure. However, this is not all. Let’s compare the two jobs with some in-depth analysis.

Why Government Jobs better than Private Jobs

Governments Job have more Competition

While many people desire to do a government job, they may not be able to get it due to limited vacancies and stiff competition. You have to spend enough time preparing for the exam for the selection test and need to fulfil other criteria to get this job. Private companies have relatively more jobs and people are more likely to be recruited.

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Job Security

This is one of the major factors that act as a decision-maker. In the private sector, due to market conditions and the growth of the company, the latter may choose to reduce team size. In recent years and during the recession, private companies hire employees to cut their costs. In a private job, you cannot be sure whether your job will be in the same company after five years. But government jobs are relatively more stable. People are fired only when a big demonstration continues or someone is involved in activities that are completely unacceptable. Thus people feel more secure and can improve their future with government jobs. That’s why people consider government jobs better.

Perfect Retirement Policy

Government jobs ensure that an employee’s future is secure even after retirement, unlike private-sector jobs. With a private company, an employee is required to plan and take care of their future after retirement. The new pension scheme ensures that an employee’s lifestyle and standards are maintained after retirement. In addition, various government sector jobs in banking and railways provide travel, stay or medical benefits to employees even after their retirement.

Best Relocation Facility During the Jobs

Most government jobs, especially bank jobs, have good re-location policies for employees. An employee can move to a new place, working with the same bank, unlike private companies, where this is not possible. This flexibility is helpful for those who move to a place where their parents move after marriage.

Better Public and National Holidays Facilities

Government jobs get more holidays than private offices. In India, government offices declare holidays for almost all festivals but private offices are a very restrictive method. While some offices have alternate holidays, others have a limited number of 10 holidays a year. Also, if you are working for foreign-based MNCs, you will not have Indian holidays. In this case, government jobs allow you to enjoy most of the festivals celebrated without affecting your leaves. And also gives you a chance to meet your family.

Flexible Work and More Leaves

There are more leaves and types of leaves in the government sector. In addition, acceptance of leaves is more flexible and employee-friendly than private jobs. In most private companies, you will not be handed more than 20 cards in a year. So, Government jobs provide a better leave policy than private jobs. The acceptance of leaves also depends on the workload and availability of backups.

Great Work-Life Stability

While government jobs have fixed working hours and are difficult to switch, most private jobs offer flexible working hours and shifts. The RBI introduced flexible working hours for its bank officials a few years ago to ensure a better work-life balance.

Government jobs also have shorter working hours than private-sector jobs. Most government offices work for 7 hours while in private offices there is a rule to work mostly 9 hours. Also, unlike government offices, the number of login hours is stricter. Thus a government employee can have sufficient time at home and spend time with loved ones.

Good Salary Growth and Promotions

Although private companies pay more for their employees, government jobs offer various incentives along with pay. Many provide residences, transportation costs, medical facilities, etc. In addition, employees are given various allowances. Thus, if you include all the other benefits that come with a government job, then the difference in salary may not be that big. The government is trying to create a salary in the public sector along with the private sector with the introduction of the 7th Pay Commission.

In the private sector, you get regular evaluation and promotion according to your performance. On the other hand, in the public sector, promotions are based on criteria such as many years of experience, internal examinations, etc.


Q1. Why Government Job better than a Private Job?

Ans. Both government jobs and private jobs have their advantages and disadvantages; It is up to you to choose it. The obvious rationale is that private jobs pay more and government jobs are more secure. However, this is not all. Let’s compare the two jobs with some in-depth analysis.

Q2. Why is the government job so good?

Ans. A government job is so good because it gives you security for the whole life. For example, Job Security, Perfect Retirement Policy, Flexible Work and More Leaves compare to private job, and most importantly Best Relocation Facility During the Jobs which is more profitable for a woman.

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