Perhaps you may not know, but let me tell you that the natural rubber latex used in car tires is milky white.

By the way, in the early days of automobiles, rubber tires were white. However, now all vehicles have black tires.

A material called carbon black is used during the manufacturing process which is why car tires are now black instead of white.

Car tires turn black due to the use of carbon black. Is used by tire manufacturers for a variety of reasons, including improved tire performance, durability and lifespan.

Before rubber tires were used in cars, cars used wooden wheels with a metal band around the rim.

According to Goodyear, these vehicles were "little more than a motorized wooden carriage and buggy."

As cars became faster and more capable, early automakers realized that wooden wheels were slowing down the car.

The ride on the wooden-wheeled car was bumpy, as one might expect. In addition, his traction was poor. This resulted in the development of the first rubber car tire in 1895.

In the early twentieth-century tire manufacturers began to experiment with various processes to improve their products.

It involves the incorporation of soot into the rubber mixture. This soot produced by various industrial processes darkened the tires.

Tire manufacturers mix soot with cotton threads to make tires more durable and stable, as well as better at generating less heat.