Today I will tell you some such coins which can become the next bitcoin by 2025.

by Abhijit Jha

These coins whose supply is very less, but in the coming time, if any of these coins perform well in the market, then you will become a garland.

Do not go after such coins which have a lot of market supply, like Shiba Inu, there is a lot of supply but no demand, similarly do the coins with demand.

AAVE protocol Its total supply is 16 million, if the demand for this coin rises in the market, then its price is likely to go up.

Quant Protocol The supply of this token is only 14 million, and the circulating supply of this coin is 86% in the market, if its demand increases in the coming time, touch the sky

Zcash Coin If we talk about the supply of this token, then there is a 21 million supply inside the market, this coin has already circulated 76% in the market.

BNB The total supply of BNB is 200 million but this coin has already circulated 81% in the market, with limited tokens this coin has the potential to grow

Maker Maker is a very good coin which has only 1 million supply in the market and it is nothing according to the market, this coin has already circulated 97% in the market

Whatever coin I have told, it is only for educational purposes, do the research yourself before investing.

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