To have over 500km electric range

We will have a full-sized glass roof (Sun Roof)

Ola will enter the four-wheeler EV segment in India with the electric sedan starting in 2024

After the release of the Ola scooter in August last year, the company plans to develop an electric four-wheeler

Ola has announced that the electric sedan will have a range of over 500 kms

The Ola EV will have a zero to 100 kmph sprint time of less than four seconds

The Ola EV is expected to get LED headlamps along with a light bar

Ola has also confirmed that the sedan will have futuristic features like a glass roof and keyless entry

The annual capacity of Ola's future factory will be increased to one million cars

In addition, Ola will expand its sale to 10 million two-wheelers and 100GWh