Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that the company's next virtual reality headset will be available in October.

According to Zuckerberg's comments on Joe Rogan's podcast, the device — almost certainly a headset codenamed

"Project Cambria" will be released around the company's annual Connect event.

“There are some big features for the next device that are coming in October,” Zuckerberg said at the start of the podcast, discussing VR. 

He described new social choices made possible by eye and face tracking.

As part of the feature list, Zuckerberg mentioned "the ability to make eye contact now in virtual reality".

"Has your face tracked so that your avatar - it's not just a still thing,

But if you smile, frown, pat, or whatever your expression is, translate it to your avatar in real time "

Cambria is said to be "significantly" more expensive than the current Quest

Which was recently increased to $399. Meta had earlier said that the device would be released this year.

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