Believe it or not, driving a vehicle with a manual transmission gives you a whole lot of shifting capability. You have more control and you are less distracted.

While driving a manual transmission vehicle, you must learn to listen to the engine as the upshift and downshift is entirely up to you.

A manual transmission gives you as much braking control as you can control the clutch, which proportionally reduces the amount of torque required.

Better Gas Mileage A manual transmission car gets better gas mileage, which can increase fuel efficiency by 5 to 10%.

Better Gas Mileage Automatic vehicles have a hydraulic pump and a torque converter, which increases fuel consumption.

Vehicles with manual transmission are less expensive to maintain Stick shift cars have lower maintenance and repair costs due to their simplicity.

In terms of maintenance and repair, manual transmission vehicles are generally less expensive than automatic transmission vehicles.

Cars with manual transmission are less likely to be stolen With the advent of automatic vehicles, people have forgotten to drive vehicles with manual transmission.

This simple notion can easily deter someone from borrowing or stealing your vehicle.

Stick shift driving is enjoyable With every roar of your car's engine as you change gears, it's satisfying to own a manual transmission vehicle.

This ability to listen and control your transmission provides an exciting driving experience that an automatic transmission vehicle cannot provide.