Hello friends, welcome to another new post, in this post you will know about Ullu Web Series Name List 2022 which has been released recently.

Some of you must be aware of the Ullu online platform. Which has become very popular in these two years. Ullu is known for its bold content where you can watch adult web series. You will get to see all kinds of content on this platform like drama, crime, romance, thriller and many other genres.

Ullu releases a lot of content in Hindi on the online platform. Apart from this, it is also dubbed in other languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and many more languages.

If you like to watch bold-type web series then Ullu online platform is made only for you. So today I have brought you the name list of the Ullu web series which is released in 2022. Apart from this, I will also give the Ullu web series actress name list of this which is known for its boldness.

Ullu Web Series Name List 2022
Top 10 Ullu Web Series Name List 2022

Top 10 Ullu Web Series Name List 2022

Ullu Web Series NameUllu Web Series Cast Name
Charmsukh – Bidaai (Part-1)Pihu Kanojia, Dhiraj Kumar Rai, Pihu Jaiswal, Jayashri Gaikwad
Gaachi – (Part-1)Veeir Chaudary, Prajakta Dusane, Lokesh Tilak, Garima Jain, Ankita Dave, Priya Gamre
Charmsukh – Tapan (Part-2)Kajal Jha, Noor Malabika, Gaurav Rokde, Neha Gupta
Chawl HouseSneha Paul, Dakshita Kumar, Eshan Tiwari, Jyostna Trivedi, Meenu Sharma
CharmSukh Tawa Garam – Part 1Saurabh Sewal, Mohit Sharma, Shikhar Gulani, Pihu
Charmsukh – Tauba TaubaRajsi Verma, Muskan Agarwal, Basant Kumar, Arun Tiwari
MatkiPriya Gamre, Palak Singh, Bhanu Surya, Ankita Bhattacharya
Kaamwali BaiAarohi Dike, Garima Maurya, Jay Zaveri
Ishqiyapa – Part 1Ruks Khandagle, Amit Pachori, Shivangi Roy, Mukund Kapahi
Lady Finger – Part 1Aayushi Jaiswal, Mahi Kaur, Pallavi Debnath, Peeyush Suhaney

Charmsukh – Bidaai (Part-1)


This web series is based on Genda and his wife Chameli. Genda’s wife Chameli alleges that Genda is impotent and after hearing this, Genda loses consciousness and Chameli refuses to come home when Genda calls her. The twist in the tale comes when Genda turns into a young seeker in search of sexuality. After that, he starts having relations with the women of the village.

Charmsukh – Bidaai (Part-1) Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Pihu KanojiaChameli
Dhiraj Kumar RaiGenda
Pihu JaiswalLajjo
Jayashri GaikwadBindiya

Gaachi – (Part-1)


This web series is based on Shalini and her husband. Shalini gets married in a village where women are not given any respect. Apart from Shalini, there are other women in this village who have been victims of marital abuse. Shalini meets Divya, Ratna and Maya, other women from the same village. After that, they together decide to fight for respect and rights against the social norms and the men of other villages. And all these things are not liked by the men of the villages.

Gaachi – (Part-1) Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Veeir ChaudaryVikram
Prajakta DusaneShalini
Lokesh TilakVirender
Garima JainDivya
Ankita DaveRatna
Priya GamreMaya

Charmsukh – Tapan (Part-2)


This ullu web series is based on Vaibhav, Riya and Payal. Riya is completely mad at Vaibhav and inside Riya yearns for Vaibhav. For this Riya is ready to go to any extent. When Riya comes to know about Vaibhav and Payal getting together, Riya sets up a trap using deceit to attract Vaibhav. And forces Vaibhav to make a deal with her. Which can make Riya fulfil both wishes at once.

Charmsukh – Tapan (Part-2) Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Kajal JhaRiya
Noor MalabikaRashmi
Gaurav RokdeVaibhav
Neha GuptaPayal

Chawl House – 3


This ullu web series Mumbai is based on a family living together in a house. Eshan comes to Mumbai from his village for a job and meets a married woman living in that house and Eshan gets attracted. Then Eshan looks for the opportunity and one day as soon as he gets the chance, Eshan fulfils all his desires with that married woman.

Chawl House – 3 Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Sneha PaulSneha Paul
Dakshita KumarDakshita Kumar
Eshan TiwariEshan Tiwari
Jyostna TrivediJyostna Trivedi
Meenu SharmaMeenu Sharma

Charm Sukh Tawa Garam – Part 1


This ullu web series is based on Raj and his friend Sonu. Both these friends plan to enjoy the weekend together and that entry happens to be of Raj’s uncle and his aunt Surmayi who is very beautiful in appearance. Raj is infatuated with his aunt and starts getting attracted towards her. On the other hand, uncle Surmayi i.e. aunt’s wish is not fulfilled. Raj takes full advantage of this and fulfils his desires with his aunt.

Charm Sukh Tawa Garam – Part 1 Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Saurabh SewalRaj
Mohit SharmaSonu
Shikhar GulaniFufaji
PihuSurmai Bhua

Charmsukh – Tauba Tauba


This ullu web series is based on Vimla, Vijender, Roopa and the driver who works there. Vimla and Vijendra live a happy life in their house and Vimla’s sister Rupa comes home and Vijendra starts getting attracted towards her. And on the other hand, the driver who works at Vimla’s place also starts getting attracted towards Vimla. The driver tries to extinguish his fire when he gets a chance.

Charmsukh – Tauba Tauba Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Rajsi VermaVimla
Muskan AgarwalRupa
Basant KumarDriver
Arun TiwariVijendra



This ullu web series is based on Bindu Chachi and Mohan. Bindu’s aunt comes to know about Mohan’s wish. In a few days, Bindu also has the same feelings towards Mohan that Mohan had. But Mohan remains confused about whether he will be able to fulfil Bindu’s wish or not. Meanwhile, Mohan invites his girlfriend to his house. And fulfils the lust raised inside him.

Matki Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Priya GamreBindu
Palak SinghMitali
Bhanu SuryaMohan
Ankita BhattacharyaNaukrani

Kaamwali Bai


This ullu web series is based on Kamwali Bai. Kamwali Bai wants to marry her lover but the lover’s mother demands a dowry of two lakh rupees. The owner of the Kamwali Bai where she works offers her, if the Kamwali Bai fulfils her needs, the owner can give her two lakh rupees. But Kamwali Bai will have to compromise with the thing she loves most for these two lakh rupees. And then she is ready to compromise the thing she loves for that two lakh rupees.

Kaamwali Bai Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Aarohi DikeAarohi Dike
Garima MauryaGarima Maurya
Jay ZaveriJay Zaveri

Ishqiyapa – Part 1


This ullu web series is based on Karan and his teacher Mohini. Karan falls in love with his new teacher, Mohini. But Karna hears that Mohini is in love with Karan’s elder brother, so Karan proposes to Mohini and Mohini also accepts that she is in love with Karna. After that very exciting incidents start happening between Mohini and Karan.

Ishqiyapa – Part 1 Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Ruks KhandagleMohini
Amit PachoriArjun
Shivangi RoyHayaat
Mukund KapahiKaran

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Lady Finger – Part 1


This ullu web series is based on Sarla and Dev. Sarla starts getting some wrong feelings about her husband Dev’s loyalty. And Sarla hatches a plan with her friend Janhvi to check her husband Dev’s loyalty. But before this plan, Sarla herself falls into the trap of cheating Dev.

Lady Finger – Part 1 Ullu Web Series Cast Name

Aayushi JaiswalDivya
Mahi KaurJanhvi
Pallavi DebnathRani
Peeyush SuhaneyDev

I hope you would have liked to know about the top 10 ullu web series. If you liked this post or have any other questions in your mind, you can ask us by commenting. Thank you for reading the complete article.