Hello friends! Ullu Originals is back again, and brings us yet another exciting series that has got everyone excited. If you are one of those eager fans who are eager to know when and where you can watch the much-anticipated Bikau Part 2, then you are in luck! In this article, we will discuss in depth all the interesting details regarding the release date and time of this exciting series. So sit back and get ready for some exclusive details!

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When Can We Expect Bikau Part 2 to Hit Our Screens?

OK, let’s get straight to the good stuff! Of course, the burning question on everyone’s mind is when will the grand entrance of Bikau Part 2 take place? Well, dear readers, I am here to reveal a secret. Ullu Originals has officially announced that Bikau Part 2 is set to release on 4th July 2023. Yes, that’s right, mark your calendars and clear your schedule because the wait is almost over!

What’s in Store for Bikau Part 2?

Ah, the million-dollar question: what can we expect from this highly anticipated sequel? Unfortunately, dear readers, I can’t give away any spoilers, but I can promise you one thing – it’s going to be a wild ride! Bikau Part 2 is packed with all the drama, suspense and jaw-dropping moments that Ullu Originals are known for. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Bikau Part 2 Cast & Crew

Name of Web SeriesBikau Part 2
GenreAction, Drama, Romance
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
StarringSmita Paul
Suhana Khan
Directed ByPunit Goyal
Produce ByUllu Digital Private Limited
Release Date4th July 2023
OTT PlatformUllu OTT App and Ullu Originals

Bikau Part 2 Story Line

The trailer begins by teasing us with a glimpse of the vulnerable state of the protagonist. We see her fall into a web of deceit, as her lover plays with her emotions and exploits her for money. He manipulates her into believing that he owes money to certain individuals, and in order to repay them, she reluctantly agrees to join the world of adult entertainment. Little does she know that her lover has some ulterior motives and is not the loving partner he once claimed to be.

As the story progresses, the protagonist’s lover reveals his true colors, leaving her shattered and alone. He bluntly reveals that he knows people who can offer him more money, whereupon he meets a young man who offers him a lucrative opportunity based on his age. The trailer makes us question the moral dilemma she faces while walking this challenging path.

In a poignant moment, the protagonist receives a message from someone named Naina, who appears to offer him one last chance. Desperate to find a way out of his current situation, he meets Naina, hoping that this meeting will provide him with the means to leave his troubled field of work behind.

However, as the trailer reaches its climax, we are left in a state of confusion. The heroine emotionally pleads with her lover and asks if they can finally get married and leave this dark world behind. But to her dismay, he bluntly admits that marriage is out of the question. The trailer ends, leaving us wondering the next move of the protagonist and the challenges he faces now after being abandoned by his betrayed partner.

With the release of the trailer of Bikau Part 2, fans are filled with anticipation and longing for answers. What will our heroine do now when she finds herself alone and betrayed? How will she deal with the complexities of her circumstances and find her way to salvation?

As the release date of Ullu Originals’ Bikau Part 2 draws closer, fans are eagerly waiting for the continuation of this engrossing tale. Be sure to mark your calendars and prepare yourself for an ups and downs of emotions as we delve deep into the hero’s life and see his resilience in the face of adversity.

For a glimpse of the intense and captivating world that awaits us, be sure to watch the trailer for The Ullu Originals Bikau Part 2 below:

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to be enthralled by the gripping tale of Bikau Part 2, coming soon to hit your screens!