Ullu is a streaming service that provides users with bold and provocative content that can’t be found on other, more mainstream services. Ullu has made a name for itself in India’s thriving streaming business by offering a wide variety of genres, including romantic comedies, suspenseful dramas, and even criminal documentaries. This article will cover the ten most popular ullu hot web series on the streaming service Ullu.

Ullu Hot Web Series

Rain Basera Part 1 (Ullu Hot Web Series)

Part 1 of the web series Rain Basera will soon be available on ULLU, an adult-oriented Indian streaming service. Actors like Ankita Dave, Aditya Singh Rajput, and Rekha Mona Sarkar are among the ensemble cast of this Rupesh Paul–directed, Vibhu Agarwal–produced series.

A tragic event changes the life of a little girl and her family, forcing them to relocate to a slum. The show will reportedly take a genuine and harsh look at issues including poverty, love, and survival. Rain Basera Part 1’s daring and controversial subject matter is sure to be a conversation starter.

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Malai Part 2 (Ullu Hot Web Series)

The second installment of ULLU’s “Malai” web series is now in production. ULLU is a prominent Indian streaming platform that aims to appeal to a more mature audience. The show is a continuation of 2022’s smash hit series “Malai,” which debuted on the service. Malai 2: The Conclusion, directed by SSK, looks like it will be an intriguing and engaging drama that deals with love, lust, and betrayal.

Talented performers who are recognized for taking risks in their roles star in the series. Viewers above the age of 18 are advised to refrain from watching “Malai Part 2,” as the show is likely to include strong language and sexual situations. Fans of the original series can’t wait to see what the new chapter brings in 2023, when the series is scheduled for release.

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Palang Tod (Ullu Hot Web Series)

The lives of women who exploit their gender identity to advance in society are the subject of Palang Tod. The show highlights the many ways in which women use manipulation to get what they want from men. The series has been lauded for its risk-taking and thought-provoking subject matter.

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Kavita Bhabhi (Ullu Hot Web Series)

The life of a lady who manipulates men through her private life is the subject of the Netflix series Kavita Bhabhi. The show’s popularity can be attributed to its daring subjects and top-notch storytelling.

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Badan Part 3 (Ullu Hot Web Series)

“Badan Part 3” is an adult-oriented Indian web serial accessible on the Ullu app. The plot centers on the lives of a group of people who are involved in a web of desire, deception, and vengeance. This third part of the “Badan” series promises even more erotic scenes and intriguing story twists that will keep fans glued to their screens.

While the series is not suited for all audiences due to its adult themes and graphic material, it has garnered a substantial following among viewers who appreciate this genre. The Ullu app is recognized for its daring and controversial material, and “Badan Part 3” is no exception.

So, if you’re a lover of adult web series and seeking for something to satiate your needs, “Badan Part 3” may be the series for you.

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Mohan Chabhiwala Part 2 (Ullu Hot Web Series)

The second installment of the online serial Mohan Chabhiwala Part 2 will premiere in 2023 on the ULLU platform. It’s a follow-up to the viral online serial Mohan Chabhiwala, which this show is based on. The series, directed by Punit Goyal and produced by ULLU originals, seems like it will have a compelling plot and a unique take on relationships and the human psyche.

The show will likely find an audience among those seeking entertainment and immersion thanks to its daring and controversial subject matter. Fans of drama, romance, and a dash of spice need look no farther than the talented cast and crew of this program, which is already generating excitement and expectation among fans.

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Secretary Part 2 (Ullu Hot Web Series)

Ullu App, an Indian media company, created and launched “Secretary Part 2” in 2023. It’s a continuation of the hit series “Secretary,” which also debuted on this service. The series tells the exciting narrative of a secretary who is caught in a web of deception, betrayal, and forbidden love.

The series has a cast of excellent actors and actresses that provide outstanding performances that bring the characters to life. Famous for its daring and powerful sequences, “Secretary Part 2” tackles a wide range of themes and taboo subjects. The series has received a lot of praise from both audiences and reviewers because to its captivating story and beautiful production values. If you like dramatic and thrilling stories, “Secretary Part 2” is a must-see for you.

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Khidki Part 2 (Ullu Hot Web Series)

Web series “Khidki Part 2” is set to premiere on the Ullu app, which is well-known for its controversial and edgy programming. The original online series, “Khidki,” began in 2021 and quickly became a fan favorite. With “Khidki Part 2,” audiences can expect to be taken on an emotional roller coaster.

The series is helmed by a well-known director and has an impressive ensemble of performers. It is anticipated that “Khidki Part 2,” with its engaging plot and daring topics, will hold the attention of viewers from beginning to finish. Get ready to dive into “Khidki Part 2” and the universe of Ullu’s original web series, and feel the thrill and adrenaline for yourself.

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Riti Riwaj – Water Wives (Hot Ullu Web Series)

“Ullu Originals’ upcoming web series “Riti Riwaj – Water Wives” is already creating a buzz among audiences before its 2023 release on the popular streaming platform. The show follows the lives of women in a rural village whose only source of water is controlled by their husband, and explores the complex dynamics of relationships, desire, and power.

Expect an intense and sensual portrayal of these themes, with an attractive cast adding to the allure. With its intriguing storyline, “Riti Riwaj – Water Wives” is sure to appeal to fans of adult content on digital platforms, promising a burst of excitement and unpredictability.”

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Jabran (Ullu Hot Web Series)

Jabran is a new online series from Ullu, an Indian streaming service that focuses on mature material. Parts of the series are scheduled for publication in 2022. Jabran, directed by Sanjay Shastri, seems to be a dramatic and compelling thriller that delves into the shadowy aspect of human nature.

Jabran, the show’s protagonist, is a shadowy figure with an unknown objective. The story’s unfolding will take viewers on a roller coaster trip of suspense, drama, and unexpected turns. The series has a stellar group of performers who breathe life into their respective roles.

Jabran is anticipated to be a smash among lovers of adult-oriented web series because to its engaging plot, edgy themes, and high-quality production standards. Ullu has carved up a dominant position in the Indian streaming market, and Jabran is just one of several innovative features the service is preparing to roll out to its paying customers.

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In conclusion, Ullu’s daring and exciting programming has helped it carve out a distinct place in India’s burgeoning streaming market.

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