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Many types of the toughest exam in India are very popular. But there is no need to affect the candidates. The primary advantage of preparing for these competitive exams is helping students to confirm their knowledge in a specific area. Most importantly, it allows the student to identify their strengths and weaknesses in their professional skills.

Toughest Exam in India

Why does it seem like so toughest Exam in India?

First of all, let’s just say that it’s easier to crack board exams than it is to crack entrance exams to universities in India. When looking at the numbers in their comparison charts, students in India generally score much lower than those in many countries across the world. Some of the questions on the IB test are known for being difficult.

They are often asked in the second half of the test. Students would be much better off by trying to prepare a lot before the test and you won’t find too many candidates who say they are going to have no problems with this section. IB is the main exam held by the IB Organization. They come up with these exams every year. Students who succeed in these exams get the right to apply to only the branches that they have been successful in.

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The Exam and its Preparation

The test will last for about four hours and students will be expected to score at least 50%. The time will be divided into two parts: paper writing and listening comprehension. Students will be expected to cover two chapters, reading and answering questions on the exam. After the exam, students will be given a minimum of 24 hours to complete the paper writing and prepare for their exams.

However, students have been known to spend several days before the exam in the library to study for the exam. Filling in the box Reading comprehension is the most important part of the exam. Students will be required to summarise a book in their essays. In this section, students will be expected to remember the plot and key details of the story.

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How to prepare for the exam

Set goals and a time frame to study. To achieve goals, one needs to put some time frames. Therefore, the first step is to set goals. When setting goals, it is crucial to have your objectives in front of you. If your objective is to pass the exam in less time, then it makes sense to divide the time into hours and days. An example of a time frame is a month. A more realistic example is to say that you are attempting to complete the exam in two weeks.

To compare two scenarios, let us use a weekend. Some students go on a vacation with their families or go out with their friends. This will allow them to study in between the stress of travel and the fun of weekend activities. The outcome is that it is difficult to concentrate on studying.

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Tips for the Exam

However, there are more things to consider while taking the exams. Knowledge of the subjects Take the prescribed time needed to learn the subjects in the exam Intermediate Mathematics or Computer Science The preparation time required to ace Mathematics is 1.5 years for the intermediate level. With the introduction of subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms in the curriculum, learning new topics is a hassle-free task.

Data Structures are essentially about building sets of data structures that return the most number of elements. If you are good at constructing these structures, you will be able to effortlessly score 80-90 per cent of the total marks. Are you good at Algorithm Incentive Structures? Then, here’s how you can ace the paper.

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These are extremely competitive exams and what one receives from the success of these exams can also be one’s future. It is recommended that students prepare and study the same as they would do for a university degree, keeping in mind that it is possible to have an incredible year-end experience.

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