In a world dominated by technology and its ever-evolving landscape, the anticipation surrounding IPOs, especially those backed by significant industry giants, often takes the front page. One such anticipated offering is the Tata Technologies IPO. In this article, we delve deep into the details, analyzing everything from its Tata Technologies IPO expected date, price and lot size to the buzz around its Grey Market Premium (GMP) and allotment dates.

Tata Technologies IPO Expected Date

Tata Technologies: At a Glance

Before diving into the IPO specifics, let’s first understand the player in the spotlight. Tata Technologies stands out as a pioneer among global engineering service companies. With a robust foundation in manufacturing knowledge, it aids its partners in crafting products that resonate with the tenets of safety and sustainability.

Its offerings aren’t limited to just product development; the company also steps up as a digital transformation enabler. Catering to sectors spanning from Automotive to Aerospace, the firm’s digital solutions are pivotal for industries aiming for product excellence.

Tata Technologies Overview

NameTata Technologies
Founded in1989
Employees11,000 +
Global Delivery Centres19
Clients from27 countries
CEOWarren Harris
CFOSavitha Balachandran
PartnersMIH, PTC, Kovair, Codincity, Logility, Dassault Systèmes, SAP, Siemens, Hexagon

Tata Technologies IPO Expected Price

A lot is being speculated about the Tata Technologies IPO’s pricing. As of now, the overall valuation of the offering hovers around a whopping INR 12,000 Crores. The per-share cost is anticipated to be INR 295. However, as is customary with IPOs, discounts are often presented to woo potential investors. Given a scenario where the discount range spans 10 to 15 per cent, the effective share pricing could lie between INR 280 and INR 285.

Yet, as the age-old adage goes, “the devil lies in the details.” The final pricing blueprint will only be unravelled once Tata Technologies lays down the specifics. For the fans who can’t wait, keeping an eye on SEBI’s official portal might be a good idea; the detailed prospectus is bound to make an appearance there.

The IPO Calendar

While the grapevine is rife with speculation, the exact date for the IPO’s unveiling remains a mystery. Insiders hint towards a launch either in the twilight of August 2023 or in the initial blush of September. As for the nitty-gritty, like the price range, equity share price details, lot size, and other essentials, they will be broadcast shortly.

Prospective investors can also look forward to real-time updates on the BSE and NSE, as the IPO will grace both these stock exchange platforms. Additionally, the Tata Technologies IPO is earmarked as a Book Built Type IPO.

Tata Technologies IPO Lot Size and Share Price

While the suspense around the IPO’s lot size continues, it is common knowledge that its determination will follow the finalization of IPO dates and related specifics. Based on the number of shares they possess, investors will be privy to the details of the minimum and maximum lot prices.

Regarding the share price, a tentative consensus circles the INR 280 – 285 mark. However, a final confirmation will only emerge once the company makes an official announcement.

Tata Technologies IPO Allotment Dates and Procedures

In the realm of IPOs, the allotment date stands as a critical juncture. For Tata Technologies, this date is set to be announced after the IPO’s formal launch. Once this phase concludes, investors can expect the shares they’ve been alloted to be credited seamlessly into their Demat accounts. And for those who might find themselves out of this allotment loop, a prompt refund process will ensure their investment is returned.

Grey Market Dynamics and the Tata Technologies IPO

The GMP, or Grey Market Premium, serves as an intriguing indicator of an IPO’s potential reception. As of now, Tata Technologies enjoys a GMP of INR 84. This means the company’s shares witness trading in the Grey Market with an added premium of INR 84. It’s essential to note that this figure isn’t static and is subject to daily fluctuations. Investors keen on a comprehensive understanding of the IPO can also peruse its Red Herring prospectus, which sheds light on various facets like assets, issue size, share face value, and more.

In Conclusion

The Tata Technologies IPO presents a fascinating opportunity for investors, given the company’s global footprint and consistent revenue stream. However, like all investments, potential stakeholders must carry out thorough due diligence, scrutinizing all aspects before making a commitment.


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