New BS6 Renault Triber Review with New Feature

If you are looking for an affordable family car then you have come to the right place, here I am going to tell you about the Renault Triber. In this article, you will be given all the information related to the car. Come on, let’s begin.

Renault launched its car Renault Triber BS6 in the Indian market in August 2019 and after the launch made many changes like features and looks of the car. If you want to buy a good car on a low budget then maybe this can be a good option for you. Why should you buy this car, let’s know?

Renault designed its car within 4 meters in such a way that no one could have imagined till now, due to being within 4 meters, the price of this car is cheap and Renault has also kept the engine low. So that there is no increase in the price of the car and can give a great car to the Indian family.

Let’s start with the design and exterior body of the New Renault Triber BS6

When I first saw this car, I was very impressed with it especially its design, this car is designed in tall shape, which makes this vehicle look bigger in height. If your height is 5.10 feet then you will not have any problem going in and out, otherwise, you may have to face some difficulties.

Coming to the exterior body, you get a projector headlamp, DRLs lights, 15-inch flex wheels (not alloy wheels), turn indicators with ORVm, which makes the Triber even more attractive. Also, you get 50kg load shifting roof rails along with eagle-beak tail lamps. If we talk about its design, then it can be called an SUV, because its ground clearance is quite good.

If you talk about its cabin, then you get a combination of seeds and grey in it. As soon as you get into your driver’s seat, you get to see the controls (volume, call pitch, and disconnect) on the steering wheel. Also, there is a smart odometer using which you can check your mileage, trips and range.

Apart from this, you get an 8-inch touchscreen smart infotainment system in this car, which you can operate with the help of your phone (Android Auto and Apple Car Play), with a reverse parking camera.

In terms of convenience, Renault keeping in mind the needs of its customers has also provided a highly adjustable driver seat, which is a feature available only in the top model of the Triber.


Talking about Renault Triber safety rating, let us tell you that this can be said to be the best option for you as compared to other MVP vehicles, I am saying this because Renault sent this vehicle for a crash test in which it perfectly Got 4 stars out of 5 stars, which is considered good. Apart from this, in this vehicle, you will get 2 airbags from its base model as well as ABS and EBD and extra 2 airbags have been given in the top model of Triber i.e. a total of 4 airbags are available.

New BS6 Renault Triber Review with New Feature

Confort & Convenience

In the second row of this car, you get a 60:40 split seat, with the help of which you can adjust your seats like Surf Mode, Tribe Mode, Camp Mode and Life Mode. Apart from this, passengers get a second row and AC control button and charging socket. So that the passengers do not get bored during the journey. Along with this, you get a 50:50 split seat in 3 rows of this car, which you can adjust according to your own as Easy fix seat features. And also you get AC vents and a charging socket.

New BS6 Renault Triber Review with New Feature

Like I told you, if your height is 5.10 feet then this car is made for you only. Because when I sat in the second row of this car, I did not face any kind of difficulty and I adjusted myself easily, in the same way in the same 3 rows I adjusted myself easily. If your height is 5.10 feet and less then you will be able to adjust yourself easily.


If we talk about its engine, then you get a 1-litre Energy engine in it, you must be a little surprised to know that how this 1-litre engine can take the load of 7 people. So let me tell you that when I drive this car with all 7 people sitting together, I did not feel leg anywhere and climbed the hill very easily. Rest you must do the test before buying the car.

New BS6 Renault Triber Review with New Feature

In this Triber Energy engine, you get 3 Cylinders with a 1-litre engine. Also, Max Power 72bhp@6250rpm and Max Torque 96Nm@3500rpm are seen.


In Renault Triber, you get to 5-speed manual transmission and AMT transmission (Automated manual transmission). Which gives you 2 options in front of you whether you want to go with Comfort AMT or with the manual.

New BS6 Renault Triber Review with New Feature

When I switched to the manual transmission drive, I didn’t notice any drawbacks, you need to pay a little attention, when you drive, fully realise the clutch pedal and not accelerate halfway. I didn’t face any problem with the rest of the transmission.

Also, you can go with AMT Transmission( Automated manual transmission ). When I drive this car, it felt a little lagging, that too after shifting the reverse gear, after accelerating a lot, the car was going backwards. Other than that everything else seemed fine to me.

Suspension & Steering

The Ranaut Triber uses McPherson Strut with Lower Triangle & Coil Spring and Torsion Beam Axle Suspension in its car. During driving, I take this car driving off-road and at that time my speed would be around 40 to 50. At that time I did not feel shocked of any kind. And the steering was quite stable as well as the car seemed to be driving itself.

Fuel & Performance

If we talk about Fuel & Performance, then you can get in Renault triber mileage 18 to 20 Mileage (ARAI) in this as well as you get 40 litres of a full tank in this car, so that you do not need to go to the petrol pump again and again.

Variants and Price Range

If you are thinking of taking manual transmission, then you get 4 variants in this, RXE(Base), RXL(Second Base), RXT(second Top), and RXZ(Top), you will get feature-wise differences in all the variants. And the Renault triber price range of base variants of this car starts from Rs.5.5 lakhs Ex. Showroom. Which is the cheapest family car in a mid-price segment.

If you are thinking of getting AMT Transmission then you get 3 variants in this RXL(Second Base), RXT(Second Top), and RXZ(Top), you will get feature-wise differences in all the variants. And the Renault triber price range of the second base variant of this car starts from around Rs.6.5 lakhs Ex. Showroom. Which is the cheapest family car in a mid-price segment.

Now let’s talk about why you should buy this Renault Triber and why not.


Because in this car you get good space, safety, comfort and features, as well as you get driving comfort in it.


Due to the slight lag feel in the AMT transmission, while driving, it seems to me that all of you Bueres may need to consider this.

Note:- Apart from this, everything in the MVP segment car of this price range is sufficient for you and your family.

Is the Triber Engine good?

Yes, the Triber’s engine is good, as Renault has used the Dual VVT concept with the Energi engine. So that you don’t feel any kind of shock.

Is Renault Triber worth buying?

Absolutely this one can be a good option for you, if you want a cheap car with a 7 seater in the market, then there can be no one better than Renault’s Triber, as well as if you look at the side of the safety, then a better option for you. You won’t get it in any other brand.

Is Renault Triber good for a long drive?

Yes of course you can take it on a long drive with 7 seat load apart from this you can also drive in the hills area easily.

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