Ready for a delightful rollercoaster ride of laughter, tears, and a dash of quirky drama? Say hello to the sensational Priya Gamre OTT Web Series! This binge-worthy show boasts captivating storytelling, relatable characters, and a generous sprinkle of hilarity. If you’re craving heartwarming entertainment with a twist, buckle up for the joyride ahead! 🎬😄

Are you a fan of Indian web series? If yes, then you must have seen the talented actress Priya Gamre. With her impeccable acting skills and adorable demeanor, Priya Gamre has established herself as one of the most sought-after actresses in the OTT (over-the-top) industry. In this article, we will know about 25 best Priya Gamere OTT web series that you should not miss. So grab your popcorn and get ready for a thrill ride!

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Best Priya Gamre OTT Web Series

Anari Part 2

Credit: Youtube

Driven by the ill-treatment and exploitation she has been subjected to, Naina is determined to regain her lost dignity by seeking vengeance from Raja’s acquaintances. To achieve her objective, she spreads scandalous rumors about Raja’s sexual prowess and brags about it unabashedly. This cunning strategy exposes the vulnerable position of all the women in the village, including the wife of Raja’s aide, on whom Naina seeks revenge.

The cast of this web series includes Manvi Chugh, Muskaan Agarwal, Sarita Sharma, Dheeraj Kumar Rai, Ashraf Ahmed and Abhinav Ranj.

Khalish Part 1

In a tale of unlikely relationships, a newly married daughter-in-law has to confront her mother-in-law’s secret desire. The longing for the touch of her long-lost, dead husband remains in her heart. Driven by a spirit of compassion and courage, the daughter-in-law sets out on a mission to be her mother-in-law’s greatest ally.

With determination, she hatches a cunning plan to trap her mother-in-law’s lover. This intricate plan is carefully crafted, aimed at captivating the heart of one who holds the affection of his mother-in-law. As the plot unfolds, it involves twists and turns, creating suspense and anticipation.

Priya Gamre portrays a character full of depth and emotional complexity on screen as the mother-in-law. Alia Zaz delivers a compelling performance as the daughter-in-law, acing the role with grace and conviction. Bhanu Suryam plays the son and adds layers of authenticity to the story. And finally, Abraham enthralls the audience as Chacha, his presence leaving an indelible mark on the story.

Get ready to be enthralled by this tale of family bonds, lust and love that will go to any extent. As the story unfolds, you’ll be immersed in a world of intrigue and heartfelt moments, where the boundaries between relationships blur and unexpected alliances form. Get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience that defies predictability and captures the essence of human emotion.

Khalish Part 2

In a happy twist of fate, the newly married daughter-in-law plays Cupid, who tries to unite her mother-in-law and her lover. However, a deeper dilemma emerges when Sajjan unexpectedly falls in love with the daughter-in-law instead of the mother-in-law.

Now faced with a formidable challenge, the daughter-in-law must take a treacherous path to fulfill her mother-in-law’s long-cherished dream, even if it means risking her own happiness in the process. The lines between love and duty blur as she steps into uncharted territory, and is unsure of the consequences to come.

The star-studded cast is headed by Priya Gamre, who brings Saas alive with her remarkable portrayal. Alia Zaz delivers a captivating performance as the daughter-in-law, in which she portrays her inner struggle expertly. Depicting the complexities of family relationships, Bhanu Suryam shines as the son. And he is accompanied by Abraham, who brings to the screen his undeniable charisma as the uncle.

Get ready to be enthralled by this heartwarming tale of love, sacrifice and unexpected twists. As the story progresses, you will be engrossed in the emotional ups and downs of a daughter-in-law’s determination to fulfill her mother-in-law’s unfulfilled wishes, even if it means facing her own personal nightmare. Prepare yourself for a cinematic experience that challenges conventions and explores the complexities of human relationships.

Khalish Part 3

Embarking on a journey to uncover her mother-in-law’s unrequited love, the daughter-in-law finds herself embroiled in a web of trouble when the object of her affection develops feelings for her instead.

In a moment of profound sacrifice, the daughter-in-law makes a courageous decision. She proposes a risky deal, offering to fulfill her mother-in-law’s wishes in exchange for a commitment to fulfill her long-standing wish. It becomes a volatile game of will and negotiation, aimed at creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Starring in this captivating tale, Priya Gamre enthralls as the mother-in-law, expertly portraying a character burdened with hidden desires. Alia Zaaz brings depth to her role as the daughter-in-law, portraying her inner struggle with grace and vulnerability. Bhanu Suryam shines as the son navigating the complexities of family bonds. And joining the cast is Abraham, who commands the screen as Chacha, his presence adding an interesting layer to the unfolding story.

Get ready to be immersed in a story that challenges conventional notions of love and sacrifice. You will witness the delicate balance between passion and selflessness as the daughter-in-law progresses down the treacherous path she has chosen. Brace yourself for a thought-provoking exploration of human desires and the lengths to which one is willing to go to fulfill them.

Dil Do

In this engrossing series, we follow the journey of Chameli, a newly married woman who moves to the city with her husband, but finds herself faced with an unexpected turn of events when she suffers a debilitating workplace accident, which leaves her becomes disabled.

After her husband’s condition worsens, Chameli feels she has to shoulder the heavy responsibility of managing the household. Struggling to find viable alternatives, she reluctantly makes a decision that pushes the boundaries of societal norms – becoming a product tester for intimate pleasure devices.

Traversing uncharted territory, Jasmine embarks on a path that challenges not only her own prejudices but the judgments of those around her. As she plunges into this unconventional profession, she encounters a world filled with intrigue, desire, and self-discovery.

This compelling series captures the essence of resilience as Jasmine confronts the pressures of her new reality. With each step she takes, the limits of societal expectation are tested, and viewers are invited to explore the complexities of personal choices and the extent to which she is willing to go to provide for her loved ones. goes.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the magnetic performance of our lead actress as she embodies the multi-faceted character of Chameli. Witness her journey as she confronts societal stigmas and redefines her own identity while challenging the limits imposed by her circumstances.

Get ready for a thought-provoking series that delves into the depths of human strength, challenges preconceived notions, and ultimately uncovers the power of one woman’s determination to rewrite her own destiny.

Siskiyaan Season 3 Part 2

Continuing the engrossing narrative, Babuji and Renu’s life takes an unexpected turn in Part 2 of the series. Their idyllic life is disrupted when a treacherous couple enters their home posing as Chhotu’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law, with the sinister intention of stealing the coveted ‘Sandook’.

Renu, always perceptive, senses an underlying uneasiness and begins a personal investigation, determined to uncover the true identities and motives of these newcomers. As she delves deeper into their past and uncovers a web of lies, an exciting cat-and-mouse chase ensues, filled with twists and revelations.

Joining the star-studded cast, Priya Gamre enthralled the audience with her extraordinary performance, portraying Renu’s relentless search for the truth. Tarakesh Chauhan as Babuji is mesmerizing as he portrays the complexities of a man caught in the middle of a dangerous game. Noor Malabika enthralls as the mysterious sister-in-law, while Shivkanth Lakhan Lal as the deceitful brother-in-law adds an air of mystery to the series.

Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as the tension mounts, and Renu’s investigation takes her on a thrilling journey where trusts are shattered, secrets are exposed and lives hang in the balance. This star-studded team will immerse you in a world of mystery, deceit and unexpected alliances that will have you eagerly waiting for the next chapter in this thrilling series.

Siskiyaan Season 3 Palang Tod

In the thrilling sequel to Season 3, the arrival of Chhotu’s brother-in-law and sister-in-law forces Renu to grapple with her dwindling sense of control over the household and Babuji. As the housemates are mesmerized by his presence, Renu’s suspicions are aroused, which leads her to discover his true intentions. Thus begins an elaborate scheme to expose their true faces to the public and protect the family treasure.

Priya Gamre once again shines as Renu portraying her strong spirit and unwavering resolve. There is a remarkable performance by Tarkesh Chauhan as Babuji, caught between conflicting loyalties. Noor Malabika enthralls as the mysterious sister-in-law, while Shivkanth Lakhan Lal enthralls as the deceitful brother-in-law.

Amidst a storm of emotions, Renu hatches a meticulous plan to expose the fraudsters while protecting her near and dear ones and their prized possessions. As tensions rise and alliances are tested, viewers are drawn into a world of mystery and intrigue.

Prepare to be mesmerized as Renu’s elaborate plan unfolds as you navigate a web of deceit, loyalty and family ties. With each passing moment, the stakes get higher, and the true identities of the interlopers get closer to being exposed. The stellar performances by the cast will keep you on the edge of your seat and immerse you in a gripping tale of trust, betrayal and the indomitable power of family ties.

Get ready for a thrilling season full of unexpected twists where Renu’s determination becomes the catalyst for a battle of wits, which eventually leads to a captivating climax that will leave you craving for more.

Shahad Part 2

Following the dramatic events of Part 1, Sharad’s hidden desires are exposed by Roopa, forcing the two of them into a challenging standoff. Sharad feels his sexuality taking over his guilt as he tries to lure Roopa into a passionate encounter. Meanwhile, Roopa struggles with her crumbling morals as she navigates a maze of conflicting emotions.

When desires collide with personal commitments, a thrilling battle between heart and mind ensues. Despite the inner turmoil, the heart remains steadfast, yearning for what it most desires.

The stellar star cast led by Priya Gamre, Varun Saggar, Prashant Rai and Manju Agarwal deliver compelling performances that delve deeply into the complexities of human emotion. Priya Gamre is mesmerizing as Roopa, she captures the inner struggle that threatens to topple her. Varun Saggar brings Sharad to life, skillfully portraying the inner struggle between desire and guilt. Prashant Rai and Manju Aggarwal add depth to the story by filling their characters with subtle acting chops.

Get ready to be enthralled by a poignant tale that explores the boundaries of love, desire and moral dilemmas. As the story progresses, you will witness a tug-of-war between heart and mind as Roopa and Sharad battle their own internal battles. Prepare yourself for a series that delves into the intricacies of human relationships and the overwhelming power of forbidden desires.

Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking journey that challenges societal norms and uncovers the depths of the human heart.


Sharad’s insatiable physical lust is satisfied with the arrival of his sister-in-law Roopa. Driven by his desires, he secretly watches the intimate moments shared between Roopa and Raghu inside their bedroom.

However, a surprising turn of events unfolds when Roopa discovers Sharad’s unorthodox attraction and takes action, which unexpectedly turns it into a cataclysmic outcome.

Starring Priya Gamre, Varun Saggar, Prashant Rai and Manju Agarwal, this captivating tale reveals the complexities of human desire.

Matki Part 2

As the romance between Bindu’s aunt and Mohan comes to light, Bindu realizes her deep attraction for Mohan. A twist comes when Bindu realizes that she shares the same feelings for Mohan as well. Amidst all this, Mohan finds himself caught in a dilemma, not knowing whether his wishes for Bindu Aunty will come true or his fantasies will remain unfulfilled.

The stellar cast includes Priya Gamre, Palak Singh, Bhanu Suryam and Ankita Bhattacharya, each adding their own unique essence to the story.


As the veil of desire opens between Bindu’s aunt and Mohan, a new awareness of her attraction for Mohan arises in Bindu’s mind.

The story takes an exciting turn when Bindu realizes that she too has the same feelings for Mohan. Amidst this complex web of emotions, Mohan finds himself caught in a dilemma, not knowing whether his wishes with Bindu Aunty will come true or his fantasies will remain unfulfilled.

Starring Priya Gamre, Palak Singh, Bhanu Suryam and Ankita Bhattacharya, the cast brings to the fore their extraordinary talents in this captivating tale.


The intriguing Shadyantra web series revolves around the complex dynamics between a husband, wife, brother-in-law (devar) and sister-in-law (sali). They all find themselves irresistibly attracted to each other, creating a web of attraction. The husband finds himself attracted to the sister-in-law, while the wife develops feelings for the brother-in-law, who in turn becomes attracted to the sister-in-law as well.

The talented star cast of the series includes Priya Gamre, Gaurav Singh, Leena Singh and Sunny Isaac, each bringing their own charm and talent to the screen.

Maa Devrani Beti Jethani Part 2

Sarla and Raunak begin an intimate relationship that awakens a happiness in them that they had never experienced before. However, chaos ensues when their secret is revealed to the family, as Raunak is Jhanvi’s brother-in-law and Sarla is Jhanvi’s mother.

Now the ball is in Janvi’s court. He has to decide whether to see his mother only as his mother or accept her as his sister-in-law as well.

Starring Priya Gamre, Mishti Basu, Nishant Pandey and Bhanu Suryam Thakur, the talented cast brings their skills to the fore while adding depth to this engrossing tale.

Maa Devrani Beti Jethani Charamsukh

Sarla and Raunak share a deep and passionate love that gives them a level of happiness they have never seen before.

However, chaos ensues in the family when their secret relationship is exposed. The reason for the ruckus is that Raunak seems to be Janvi’s brother-in-law, because Janvi is Sarla’s daughter. Now the big decision is on Jhanvi whether she considers her mother only as a mother or accepts her as a sister-in-law as well.

Starring Priya Gamre, Mishti Basu, Nishant Pandey and Bhanu Suryam Thakur, the talented cast brings the story to life adding depth and intensity with their exceptional performances.

Charamsukh Majboori

Saima, a single mother, finds herself longing for a fresh start and a promising future. Thereafter, she marries Rahman, a wealthy divorcee. However, behind Rahman’s facade of prosperity hides a sinister lust for Sayama’s stepdaughter Zara.

Rahman attempts to win Zara’s favor through lavish gifts, but Zara is far from the innocent young lady she appears to be.

The talented star cast of this entertaining series includes Priya Gamre as Sayama, Manish Mishra as Rahman, Sangeeta Balachandra as Dadi Maa, Ajay Patel as Maqsood Chacha, Bhanu Suryam Thakur as Ashar, Zara as Neha Gupta and Roshni Ahuja as Zarina. His performance brings depth and complexity to this captivating tale.

Gacchi Part 2

Shalini, Divya, Maya and Ratna embark on a journey of self-discovery determined to break free from the constraints of orthodox society and find true freedom and happiness.

Fearlessly, she raised her voice and refused to be a victim of male chauvinism and marital abuse. However, fate had its own plans for him.

Starring Priya Gamre, Rani Chatterjee, Ankita Dave and Jaya Pandey, the talented cast brings their skills to the fore portraying the strength and resilience of these women in the face of adversity.


Shalini ties the knot and ends up in a village where women suffer from the harsh realities of male chauvinism and marital abuse. In this challenging environment, he encounters Divya, Ratna and Maya.

United by their shared experiences and determination, they make a courageous decision to fight for their rights and reclaim their dignity. They stand up against social norms and the injustices that plague their community, even as the men around them prefer to harm them rather than show them respect.

Starring Priya Gamre, Rani Chatterjee, Ankita Dave and Jaya Pandey, this remarkable cast brings to life the strength and resilience of these women as they embark on a difficult journey towards justice and empowerment.

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