If you’re a fan of the riveting saga that is “Ponniyin Selvan“, hold onto your seat because we’re delving deep into what we know, what we’ve heard, and what we can expect from the much-anticipated third installment.

Ponniyin Selvan 3 Release Date

Ponniyin Selvan 3 Release Date

First things first, let’s address the burning question: When can you mark your calendars for Ponniyin Selvan’s third part? The inaugural segment graced cinema halls on 30th September 2022, followed by a rapturous reception of its sequel on 28th April 2023. Both movies not only received an avalanche of admiration but also raked in hefty amounts post-release. With a whopping 500-crore budget, it’s undeniable that the “Ponniyin Selvan” series is a colossal venture for its visionary director.

However, an official confirmation on the release date of the third part remains elusive. Yet, if we were to speculate based on the interval between the prior two releases, an end-of-year launch for the third segment seems plausible. Eager for more snippets about the film? Let’s plunge ahead.

Behind the Scenes

While official confirmations might be sparse, the probability of a third sequel is more than just wishful thinking. An essential detail to note is that “Ponniyin Selvan” isn’t merely a work of fiction on celluloid; it’s a filmic adaptation of Kalki Krishnamurthy’s 1955 novel. This cinematic masterpiece takes audiences on a temporal journey, recreating an ancient epoch with a multifaceted narrative. Given the intricate storyline and its origin from a novel, media buzz suggests that the director is inclined to release the third part to offer closure to the novel’s narrative arc.

Ponniyin Selvan 3 Cast

The cinematic brilliance of the first two parts of “Ponniyin Selvan” is significantly attributed to its stellar ensemble. The cast, a mix of seasoned and dynamic talent, has received adulation in heaps. While official casting details for the third part are pending, we might witness the return of iconic figures, including:

Cast NamesCharacter
VikramAditha Karikalan
KarthiVallavaraiyan Vandiyadevan
Jayam RaviArunmozhi Varman
Aishwarya Rai BachchanOomai Rani / Nandini
Trisha KrishnanKundavai
Sobhita DhulipalaVaanathi
Aishwarya LekshmiPoonguzhali
JayaramAzhwarkadiyan Nambi
R. SarathkumarPeriya Pazhuvettaraiyar
Parthiban RadhakrishnanChinna Pazhuvettaraiyar
PrabhuPeriya Vellar Boothi Vikramakesari
Prakash RajSundara Chozhan
Kishore Kumar G.Ravi Dasan
Nizhalgal RaviSambuvuraiyar
Vikram PrabhuParthibendra Pallavan

Ponniyin Selvan 3 Budget

Given the success trajectory of the first two movies, what’s the anticipated budget for the next installment? Delving into some figures, the combined budget for the initial two parts stands at 500 crore – that’s 250 crore apiece. The revenue front looks promising as well. The debut film amassed an impressive 482.70 crores, while its successor garnered a substantial 334 crores on a global scale. If history is any indicator, we can anticipate a budget ranging between 250 to 300 crores for the impending chapter.

Ponniyin Selvan 3 Storyline

Based on Kalki Krishnamurthi’s historical fiction, the series captures the saga of Vandiyathevan, the charismatic and fearless youth entrusted with a mission across Chola territories. Tasked with delivering a vital message from Crown Prince Aditya Karikalan to Emperor Sundara Chola and Princess Kundavai, his journey is central to the narrative. As for the third part’s precise plot, details remain shrouded in mystery, but given the series’ trajectory, viewers are in for an enthralling experience.


For aficionados of the “Ponniyin Selvan” series, the anticipation is palpable, and every snippet of news is akin to unearthing a treasure. Though official confirmations on various fronts are pending, the film’s success and its origins from a celebrated novel hint at the continuation of this cinematic saga. And while waiting might be the hardest part, there’s ample assurance that it will be worth it.

We sincerely hope this article quenched your thirst for all things “Ponniyin Selvan 3”. For more captivating reads and the latest updates, be sure to explore our diverse range of articles on oyeeabhi.com. If you have any insights, queries, or suggestions, the comment section eagerly awaits your engagement.

People Also Asked

Is Ponniyin Selvan Part 3 coming?

There had been no official announcements or confirmations regarding the release of “Ponniyin Selvan Part 3.”

Is Ponniyin Selvan a trilogy?

“Ponniyin Selvan” was not confirmed as a trilogy. “Ponniyin Selvan” is a historical novel by Kalki Krishnamurthy, and it’s one of the most popular literary works in Tamil literature. The novel is known for its detailed narrative, which covers the historical events of the Chola dynasty.

What happens in Ponniyin Selvan part 3?

However, if you’re talking about a cinematic adaptation, as of my last update, Mani Ratnam was working on adapting the novel into a film (or a series of films), but exact details, including how the story would be divided among the movies, were not fully disclosed.


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