Get ready to buckle up for a wild ride because 2023 is serving up a piping hot dish of excitement on the Ullu App! From steamy romance to thrilling dramas, this year’s lineup has got it all.

If you’re wondering what’s in store, hold on tight, because we’ve got the inside scoop on the hottest releases coming your way. So, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and let’s dive into the tantalizing world of the Ullu App’s Exciting New Releases of 2023!

Short answer: A sizzling array of dramas and romances await on the Ullu App this yearβ€”get ready to binge-watch like never before!

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10. Khalish Part 3

In a compelling twist of fate, the daughter-in-law finds herself embroiled in a web of troubles as she embarks on a relentless quest to uncover the untold tale of her mother-in-law’s unrequited love. Little does she realize that the man she is looking for is gazing upon her, captivated by his charm and charm. As the daughter-in-law descends deeper into the labyrinth of secrets, she unwittingly becomes the object of the man’s seductive advances, blurring the lines between her personal mission and newfound desire.

Navigating through the intricacies of this complex situation, the daughter-in-law makes an unlikely pact with the mysterious man, seeking a solution that benefits both parties involved. In a daring move, she agrees to an untidy bargain, and agrees to make the ultimate sacrifice in return for his cooperation. The risk is immense as he realizes that meeting her demands is the key to satisfying his mother-in-law’s unrequited longing for passion.

As the story progresses, the daughter-in-law finds herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions, torn between her duty to her family and the alluring pull of forbidden attraction. Every step she takes towards uncovering the truth leads her into a realm of unpredictable consequences, blurring the lines between love and sacrifice.

Cast: Priya Gamre (Saas), Aliya Zaaz (Daughter In Law), Bhanu Suryam (Son), and Abraham (Chacha)

Director: Bhaumik Gaikwad

9. Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha

After a failed heist, a captured criminal finds himself in a race against time. Determined to retrieve the secret password needed to unlock the stolen diamonds, he hastily drags his accomplice to his hideout. What initially appears to be a simple act soon turns into a series of catastrophes, as each of the characters involved with ulterior motives finds themselves embroiled in a web of deceit and betrayal.

As tensions rise, each man’s true nature is slowly exposed, with personal agendas and hidden desires busted. With the allure of the stolen gems growing, the once-united criminals quickly become adversaries, each vying to outwit the other and claim the diamonds for themselves.

In this tangled web of lies and betrayal, every party involved has a stake in the outcome. As the story unfolds, every step taken, every decision made leads to unexpected consequences. Allegiances shift, alliances break, and trust becomes a precious commodity in this high-stakes game where no one is as they seem.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, the discovery of the elusive password becomes the catalyst for an intricate dance of manipulation and deceit. Emotions run high as the characters navigate a labyrinth of conflicting interests, blurring the lines between right and wrong, and uncovering the delicate balance between self-preservation and betrayal.

Director: Raifee

Cast: Lovepreet (Renu), Payal Patil (Suman), Anirudhh Pratap Singh (Ajay), Sunny Saini (Raju)

8. Tohfa Part 2

In a story riddled with moral ambiguity and tangled relationships, Montu finds himself entangled in a complex web of personal relationships. Tasked with presenting a gift on behalf of his friend, he embarks on a journey that blurs the lines of loyalty and desire, forever changing the dynamics within the household.

As Montu fulfills his friend’s request, he becomes intimately involved with his friend’s wife Renu, crossing boundaries that should never have been crossed. What initially begins as a gesture of kindness turns into a secret, forbidden relationship between Montu and Renu. But the complications do not end there.

Intricately woven into the narrative is Renu’s younger sister Vidhi, who becomes a participant in Montu’s tangled web of relationships. A trap that extends far beyond what is deemed acceptable by society. Montu finds himself caught between the desires of two sisters, embroiled in a precarious balancing act that threatens to break the fragile bond of trust and love.

However, the real twist in the story comes when the father-in-law comes to know the shocking truth of the happenings in his own house. Faced with the disturbing reality of the situation, he is faced with a choice that will have far-reaching consequences. Instead of denouncing the matter and breaking off relations, he chooses to participate in the family’s gift-giving game, further complicating an already delicate situation.

Within this complex tapestry of relationships, secrets and betrayals, the characters find themselves navigating treacherous waters. Every decision counts, and every action has the potential to shape their lives forever. The boundaries between right and wrong blur as the characters struggle with their own desires, caught between societal expectations and the allure of forbidden love.

Director: Humatun Abbas

Cast: Shyna Khatri (Renu), Leena Singh (Vidhi), Rishabh Srivastava (Montu), and Tarakesh Chouhan (Keshavlal)

7. Siskiyaan – S4: Part 2

As the dynamics within the family continue to evolve, Renu finds herself engulfed by a growing sense of unease. What once seemed like an unshakable position of control begins to crumble as Neha, a newcomer on the scene, catches Babuji’s attention, leaving Renu feeling increasingly insecure and overwhelmed.

With each passing day, Neha and Babuji’s relationship grows stronger, bringing them closer and pushing Renu more and more into the dark. Sensing her waning influence, Renu’s nerves rapidly began to fray. She becomes aware of the precarious nature of her position and the danger Neha poses to her carefully constructed world.

Without informing Renu, Neha has formed an unholy alliance with an impostor posing as a surgeon. Together, they plot to put Renu in danger by taking advantage of her weakness and plan to use Neha as a mere pawn in their manipulative game. This is a sinister plot hatched to take away Renu’s power and potentially harm her.

As the stakes escalate, Renu finds herself drawn into a web of intrigue and danger of her own making. The tide has turned and he must follow the treacherous path he has set for himself. The lines between friend and foe blur, and trust becomes a precious commodity in this complex power struggle.

In this gripping tale, characters are driven by their own desires and ambitions, engaging in a complex dance of manipulation and self-preservation. Renu’s panic turns into a fight for survival as she grapples with the consequences of her actions, realizing that her once invincible position is now under threat.

Director: Punit Goyal

Cast: Noor Malabika (Renu), Pihu Singh (Neha), Tarakesh Chauhan (Sasur 1), and Sohail Khan (Sasur 2)

6. Tadap

Against the enchanting backdrop of a West Bengali town, a poignant love story unfolds while challenging the constraints of deep-rooted social conventions. Amidst many challenges, a young girl makes the supreme sacrifice for love, triggering a chain of events that will test their bond and reshape their destinies.

Bound by the chains of societal expectations, the lovers find themselves at a crossroads, faced with the arduous task of forging a way to unite as one soul. As they navigate the treacherous waters of tradition and convention, they must make swift decisions and overcome obstacles that threaten to tear them apart.

When they believe that they have control over the situation, then fate intervenes. A well-established single parent enters the girl’s life, presenting a vast gap between the idyllic expectations of love and the complexities of reality. The arrival of this figure brings forth a myriad of emotions, challenging the girl’s convictions and questioning the true nature of sacrifice and commitment.

Amidst surging waves of love, duty and unforeseen circumstances, the protagonist must confront his desires and reconcile them with society’s expectations. Their journey becomes a delicate balance between following their heart and navigating the complex web of relationships that surround them.

Director: Deepak Pandey

Cast: Indraneil Sengupta,Param Singh,Shiny Dixit, and Rituraj Singh

5. Peshawar

On the fateful morning of December 16, 2014, a senseless act of violence destroyed the peace of an Army school, leaving behind a trail of devastation and heartbreak. Driven by a perverse ideology, a group of Taliban fanatics scaled the walls of the school and launched a brutal and merciless attack that claimed the lives of over a hundred innocent children. His heinous act reverberated across the country and left wounds that will never fully heal.

In the face of unimaginable horror, in the midst of grief and despair, a glimmer of hope emerged. Armed with courage and determination, a small group of commandos rushed to the spot, daring to confront the attackers and save the lives of many others. His selfless actions, driven by a deep sense of duty, stood as a symbol of resilience and defiance in the face of darkness.

The accounts of this tragic event offer a glimpse into the sheer brutality of the attack, emphasizing the loss of innocent lives and the deep wounds inflicted on a nation. It is a reminder of the ongoing struggle against extremist ideologies that threaten peace and stability.

The courage and valor shown by the commandos shine like a beacon of light amidst the darkness. Their unwavering resolve to defend and save lives exemplifies the indomitable spirit of the Pakistani Army and their unwavering commitment to defend the nation against all odds.

Director: Jehangir Irroni

Cast: Aadarsh Balakrishna, Ashmit Patel, Shishir Shamra, Amitriyaan, Rakshanda Khan, Rushad Rana, and Rajeev Sen

4. Panchali

In a complex and unconventional story, a woman finds herself willingly following a path of compromise and choosing a life that challenges societal norms. She forms a family unit with one child and four men, adopting a unique arrangement that challenges traditional notions of relationships and family dynamics. However, her wishes take an unexpected turn when the fifth brother, educated and influenced by modern values in the town, expresses his disdain for this unorthodox custom.

Driven by deep desperation, the woman resorts to deceit, greed and jealousy to win over the reluctant fifth brother. Her actions stem from a deep longing and a fear of losing the love and acceptance she has found in this complex family structure.

A woman’s decision to enter into such a complex and sacrificial life is driven by her longing to have her emotional and relational needs met. She may have experienced personal difficulties or a sense of alienation in the past, which led her to seek solace and belonging in this unconventional family unit. The fear of losing this newfound sense of connection drives her to great lengths, even resorting to manipulation and deception, as she grapples with her own insecurities and desires.

As the story progresses, the complex layers of the woman’s desperation are revealed, shedding light on the complexities of her motivations. He is driven by a deep need for love, acceptance, and a sense of belonging, and he is willing to go to any extent to maintain the delicate balance found within his chosen family.

Director: Deepak Pandey

Cast: Anupriya Goenka,Aman Verma,Upen Chauhan,Samridh Bawa,Rohan Pratap Singh,Avinash Mukherjee,Manvik Tanna, and Kamal Malik

3. Kaneez

In the midst of preparations for the wedding of Nawab Mirza’s daughter Shazia, a shocking secret is revealed, leaving mother Rukhsar in shock. It turns out that her would-be son-in-law, Salim, has a deep and disturbing secret. Faced with this revelation, Rukhsar turns to Batulan, the family’s trusted guardian, for help.

Batulan, known for his intelligence and resourcefulness, hatches a plan to uncover the truth behind the allegation. For the safety of his beloved Shazia, he sends his beautiful daughter Sana to investigate the matter carefully. Little do they know that this fateful conversation between Sana and Salim will have far-reaching consequences, changing the course of their daily lives forever.

As Sana delves deeper into the investigation, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. The lines between duty and personal feelings blur as she uncovers Salim’s secret. Her meeting with Salim not only uncovers the truth, but also sparks an unlikely connection between them, as they both grapple with how this will affect their lives going forward.

The revelation of Salim’s secret and the ensuing relationship between Sana and Salim sends shockwaves through the lives of everyone involved. Secrets, emotions and unexpected twists emerge, challenging bonds of trust and reshaping the dynamics within the family.

Director: Sanjiv Kumar and Manish Srivastava

Cast: Sudha Chandran (Rukhsar), Hemant Choudhary (Mirza), Maleeka R. Ghai (Batulan), Lakshya Handa (Salim), Anushka Srivastava (Sana), and Asma Sayed (Sazia)

2. Halala

Rahil and Afza, who were once happily married, find their married life falling apart due to an unexpected twist of fate. Their once-loving relationship turns bitter, and Rahil, consumed with anger and frustration, decides to divorce Afza. With limited options, the couple considers the controversial practice of halala nikah as a means to save their broken marriage. They see the last hope of reconciliation in Zaid.

Engaging and thought-provoking, The Ullu App offers a compelling exploration of this controversial topic. Through his extraordinary storytelling, he delves deep into the complex dynamics of relationships, tradition, and the lengths individuals are willing to go to mend what is broken.

As the story unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey that challenges societal norms and raises questions about the impact of tradition on personal happiness. Rahil and Afza’s desperate pursuit of halala nikah forces them to confront the complexities of their desires and the consequences of their decisions.

Ullu App’s presentation offers a captivating portrayal of this sensitive subject, exploring the emotions, dilemmas and conflicts of the characters involved. It serves as a platform to ignite conversation and inspire reflection on the intricacies of love, marriage and the complexities of cultural traditions.

To delve deeper into this thought-provoking presentation and watch the compelling portrayal of Rahil, Afza and Zaid’s journey, visit the Ullu app. Prepare yourself for a captivating exploration of the most controversial aspects of Halala Nikah, where love, sacrifice and societal expectations collide.

Director: Deepak Pandey

Cast: Shafaq Naaz,Ravi Bhatia,Eijaz Khan,Neelima Azeem, and Deepika Singh Goyal

1. Game Of Karma (Sangeet)

In a tale filled with complexities, the wife of a traditional music instructor finds herself caught in the web of an imaginary desire for seduction, which ultimately leads to her experiencing abuse. Driven by a sense of revenge, she takes a drastic step by offering her bed to an unknown individual in front of her husband. Little does she know that fate has something unexpected in store for her as her partner becomes paralyzed, forever altering the course of their lives.

This gripping narrative explores the depths of human desires, the consequences of our actions, and the unforeseen twists that life presents us with. It delves into the complexities of relationships and the repercussions of succumbing to dark impulses.

As the story unfolds, we witness the repercussions of the wife’s revenge and how it impacts not only her husband but also their shared existence. It serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate balance between desire, consequence, and the unpredictable nature of fate.

For a more detailed exploration of this captivating tale, please seek out the original source material or related works to delve deeper into the intricate layers of emotions, relationships, and the unexpected turns that shape the lives of these characters.

Director: Praveen Hingonia

Cast: Praveen Hingonia (Pandit Brij Mohan), Kenisha Bhardwaj (Sujata)

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