Kia India has made headlines again by unveiling an enhanced version of their popular mid-sized SUV, Seltos. This revised Seltos features numerous upgrades, such as an updated exterior design, a more powerful engine than any competitor, and numerous safety and intelligent features that set it apart from competitors in its segment.

Kia Unveils Upgraded Seltos

Kia India has made a significant strategic move by releasing their new Seltos sedan, aiming to capture 10 percent of India’s passenger vehicle market. Presently holding approximately 7 percent, they plan to grow further by expanding from 300 sales outlets to 600 and beyond.

Tae-Jin Park, CEO and Managing Director of Kia India, noted: “The Seltos is more than an automobile; it symbolizes Kia’s journey in India.” As an innovator and champion in its segment, Park expressed confidence that the new Seltos would build upon its legacy to take the lead in the premium RV market and help Kia meet its ambitious 10-percent market share goal.

Park predicts that the revamped Seltos will make an immediate impression in the mid-SUV segment thanks to its revitalized appearance, commanding engine performance, and extensive suite of safety and intelligent features, making it an attractive option for modern drivers.

Kia India’s top seller, contributing a whopping 55% to total sales of their brand. Globally, one of every ten Kia vehicles sold worldwide is now part of this iconic model’s global repertoire.

Drivers and passengers of the new Seltos will be treated to an entirely redesigned interior, enhanced with advanced safety technologies, including Level 2 advanced driver assistance systems. At its heart lies its powertrain options: 1.5-liter petrol and diesel engines can be found, with manual or automatic transmission options available.

Kia enthusiasts and potential buyers should mark July 14 when bookings for their new mid-sized SUV model, Seltos, will begin in India. Offering 18 trim options to meet diverse tastes, sales will commence on July 25. Kia hopes the new Seltos will redefine expectations, further elevating Kia’s position in the Indian automotive landscape.