Hey there, folks! Get ready for some exciting news about a movie that’s going to blow your socks off! I’m talking about “Kanguva Movie,” a breathtaking periodic drama directed by the one and only Siruthai Siva. Buckle up, because this film is going to take you on an unforgettable journey!

Meet the Cast of Kanguva Movie:

Before we dive into the juicy details, let’s get acquainted with the stellar cast of this epic flick. We’ve got the dashing Suriya in the lead role, and joining him is the sensational Bollywood Diva, Disha Patani, as the female lead. And you know what’s even more thrilling? Natty Natraj will be flexing his villainous muscles as the antagonist!

Movie NameKanguva
Release Date2024 (Expected)
Directed bySiruthai Siva
Produce byKE Gnanavel Raja
StarringSuriya, Disha Patani, Natty, Anandarajm KS Ravikumar
Story, ScreenplaySiruthai Siva and Aadhi Narayana
MusicDevi Sri Prasad
EditorNishadh Yusuf
CinematographerVetri Palanisamy
Production CompanyUV Creations and Studio Green
LanguageTamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, English, and more

A Tale from the Past:

Picture thisโ€”a thousand-year-old backstory, where a courageous warrior from 1678 falls victim to a mysterious disease. Fast forward to the present day, where a young woman embarks on a quest to unravel the secrets behind that long-lost ailment. Sounds intriguing, right? Trust me, it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

Release Date & Filming Updates:

Now, you must be wondering when this cinematic masterpiece will grace the silver screen. Hold onto your hats, because the filming is in its final schedule, and post-production work is set to kick off in June 2023. Brace yourselves for a double treat because the makers are planning to split the film into two parts. The first part of “Suriya 42” is set to hit theaters in early 2024. I can’t wait!

Kanguva OTT & TV News:

Oh, but that’s not all, my dear readers! Get ready to experience the action-packed extravaganza from the comfort of your couch because the movie has been snapped up by none other than streaming giant Netflix. Woohoo! Before even hitting the theaters, this film has raked in a jaw-dropping Rs 500 crore in revenue. Now, that’s some serious box office muscle!

As for television rights, the folks at SUN TV have bagged the rights to beam this epic tale straight to your living rooms. Say goodbye to boring TV nights!

The Mysterious Budget:

You must be wondering how much moolah has gone into bringing this grand vision to life, right? Well, the makers are keeping it hush-hush, but let me tell you thisโ€”it’s the most high-budget film of Suriya’s career. And knowing the quality we can expect, I’m sure it’s worth every penny!

Tap Your Feet to Kanguva Songs:

Hold onto your excitement because there’s more! The mesmerizing songs of “Kanguva” have been released by Saregama South. Trust me, you’ll be humming these tunes long after the credits roll!

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Kanguva Movie Teaser in Hindi

Kanguva Movie Glimpse

Credit Youtube

Kanguva Movie Title Announcement

Kanguva Movie Glimpse Review in Hindi

FAQs to Satisfy Your Curiosity:

You’re not the only curious cat out there, so here are some frequently asked questions answered just for you!

Is Kanguva a Real Story?

Nope, it’s not! “Kanguva” takes us on an exhilarating journey through an imaginary worldโ€”a fictional tale through and through.

Who are the Actors in the Movie Suriya 42 Story?

Suriya himself leads the pack, with the beautiful Disha Patani, the hilarious Yogi Babu, and the talented Kovai Sarala sharing the spotlight.

What is Kanguva History?

Picture a setting about 1500 years ago, where the movie showcases the beauty of ancient Tamil culture and various other captivating traditions from across India.

What is the Budget of Suriya 42?

The film is said to be crafted with a massive budget of Rs 350 crores. Now that’s what I call putting your money where your movie is!

So, folks, mark your calendars and get ready for a breathtaking cinematic adventure like never before. “Kanguva” is all set to conquer hearts and minds in 10 languages! Stay tuned for more updates, and until then, keep your popcorn and excitement levels ready for the grand release!