For those who have their fingers on the pulse of the stock market, the name Kahan Packaging Limited might ring a bell. Established in 2016, this company has carved a niche for itself by providing bulk packaging solutions, targeting B2B manufacturers in diverse sectors. These sectors span from agro-pesticides, cement, and chemicals to fertilizers and food products. With an equitable approach to shares distribution, the company has reserved 50% of the shares for both the retail quota and other quotas. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about Kahan Packaging IPO GMP Today, Lot Size, Subscription, and Share Price.

Kahan Packaging IPO GMP Today Overview

Name of the CompanyKahan Packaging Limited
Domain of the CompanyBulk Packaging Solutions
IPO Opening Date6th September 2023
IPO Closing Date8th September 2023
Refund Date14th September 2023
Allotment Date13th September 2023
Company’s Price of ShareRs 80 per share
Credit of Share15th September 2023
Listing of Share18th September 2023
Face Value of the CompanyRs 10 per share
Issue Size of the Company1,600 shares – Rs 5.76 crores
Lot Size1,600 shares
Article CategoryFinance

Kahan Packaging IPO Dates

If you’re eyeing this promising venture, mark your calendars for September 6th to September 8th, 2023. These dates mark the opening and closing of Kahan Packaging’s IPO, respectively. As of today, the IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium) stands at Rs 15 per share. Potential investors are advised to delve deep, assess the market, and juxtapose this IPO with others to make an informed decision.

Kahan Packaging IPO Lot Size

Investing in IPOs requires clarity on lot sizes. For the Kahan Packaging IPO, the minimum lot size is pegged at 1600 shares. This translates to an investment of β‚Ή128,000. Furthermore, the company has set the share price at Rs 80 per share. Hence, investors can bid for 1600 shares in one go.

Positioning Packaging in the Indian Economy

Why should investors pay heed to the packaging sector, one might ask? Here’s a fact that’s hard to ignore: packaging occupies the position of the fifth-largest sector in India’s robust economy. This sector’s remarkable growth is substantiated by the Packaging Industry Association of India. According to their data, the packaging sector has been soaring with a CAGR of 22% in recent years. Given these impressive statistics, the odds of witnessing a slump in prices are slim. Nevertheless, sound advice from industry experts can further solidify an investor’s stance.

An Insight into Kahan Packaging’s Operations

Located in the heart of Asangaon, Maharashtra, Kahan Packaging takes pride in its self-sustained manufacturing approach. The company boasts an annual production capacity of 2,600 metric tons for woven textiles. But that’s not all. Their latest addition, a state-of-the-art Multi-Color Roto-Gravure Printing Machine, holds the capability to print in as many as eight colors. Such innovations are instrumental in propelling their business growth.

What’s the Buzz on Kahan Packaging IPO Subscription?

As anticipation builds up, the specifics about the company’s subscription remain under wraps. However, speculations suggest that this information might see the light of day in September. Meanwhile, the IPO constitutes a fresh equity issue of approximately 7.2 lakh equity shares, aggregating to Rs 5.76 crore.

Deciphering the Kahan Packaging IPO Share Price

Reliable sources, including company statements and online portals, reiterate the Kahan Packaging share price as Rs 80 per share. With a face value of Rs 10 per share and a lot size of 1600 shares, prospective investors should undertake a meticulous study from official channels and seek expert consultation before taking the plunge.


Your interest in the stock market and keenness to stay updated has brought you to this comprehensive breakdown of Kahan Packaging’s imminent IPO. As with all investments, due diligence, thorough research, and expert advice can make all the difference. Whether you’re an investor or just someone curious about market trends, we at strive to bring you the most accurate and relevant information. Do drop your queries or suggestions in our comment section, and keep exploring our website for a wealth of financial insights.


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