In just a matter of hours, Apple will unveil its highly anticipated iPhone 15 series at the ‘Wonderlust’ event scheduled for Tuesday, September 12th. This launch is expected to include a range of models, comprising the vanilla iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, with rumors even suggesting the existence of an iPhone 15 Ultra. One of the most significant changes to anticipate is the transition from Apple’s proprietary Lightning port to a USB-C port. Here, we provide you with all the details about the iPhone 15 release date, speculated price in India, specifications, and more.

iPhone 15 Release Date

iPhone 15 Release Date and Launch Event Date

The Apple iPhone 15 launch event, aptly named ‘Wonderlust,’ is slated to commence on Tuesday, September 12th, at 10:30 PM IST. Following this event, the standard iPhone 15 models are expected to go on sale in the US and potentially in India starting from September 22nd.

iPhone 15 Series Rumored Price

According to a Barclays analyst, the base iPhone 15 model may kick off at a starting price of $799, roughly translating to around Rs 65,981. At the higher end, the flagship variant could bear a price tag of $1299, equivalent to roughly Rs 1,06,500.

iPhone 15 Series Design

One of the most significant design shifts for the iPhone 15 series is the replacement of Apple’s proprietary Lightning port with a USB Type-C charging solution. This change might be driven by the European Union’s directive to implement USB-C across all electronic devices sold within the region. Consequently, all iPhones, irrespective of location, may transition to USB-C.

Additionally, it is speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro models could incorporate solid-state volume and power buttons, akin to the home button seen on pre-2017 iPhones and the iPhone SE. The intention is to mimic the functionality of the Force Touch feature found on MacBook trackpads.

The iPhone 15 series is also expected to sport curved side frames, reminiscent of the iPhone 5C, along with a titanium frame and body. Furthermore, the power and volume buttons might be repositioned slightly lower, and the Ring/Silent Switch could be replaced with an Action Button. Unique color options, such as Titan Gray and Dark Blue, might be introduced, with matching USB-C cables.

iPhone 15 Series Specifications (Expected)


The iPhone 15 lineup is anticipated to maintain consistent display sizes across all models. The standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are likely to feature a 6.1-inch display, while the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro Max may sport larger 6.7-inch displays. To enhance the display experience, non-Pro iPhone 15 models may adopt the pill-shaped Dynamic Island, introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro series, in place of the aging notch.

However, it’s important to note that Apple may reserve high refresh rate (ProMotion) and Always-On Display support exclusively for the Pro models within the iPhone 15 lineup. Additionally, the bezels of the iPhone 15 Pro series are expected to be slimmer and more curved at the corners.


Regarding camera enhancements, Apple may not introduce significant hardware upgrades to the iPhone 15 lineup, given the recent introduction of new sensors in the iPhone 14 series, including a 48MP primary lens on the Pro models.

There is, however, speculation that the iPhone 15 Pro Max might feature an “almost 1-inch” camera sensor. Furthermore, Apple is reportedly working on periscope lens technology, which could find its way into the iPhone 15 Pro Max or Ultra models. A periscope lens would offer superior optical zoom capabilities, potentially reaching up to 5x or 10x zoom levels, in contrast to the current 3x optical zoom on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Due to image sensor readiness, the high-end iPhone model with the most advanced camera system could be delayed until October.


In terms of performance, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are expected to be powered by the yet-to-be-announced Apple A17 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus may run on the A16 Bionic chip, which debuted in the iPhone 14 Pro. By utilizing previous generation chipsets for the standard iPhone 15 models, Apple can create a clear distinction between the Pro and non-Pro variants.

The Apple A17 chip is rumored to be manufactured using a 3nm process by TSMC, offering improved battery efficiency and a performance boost of 10 to 15 percent compared to the current chip. Additionally, Qualcomm-made modem chips may be employed for mobile connectivity across all iPhone 15 models. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max might receive an upgrade to 8GB of RAM, while the vanilla iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus could retain the existing 6GB configuration, with a base internal storage of 128GB.


Battery capacities for the iPhone 15 series are expected to see improvements. The standard iPhone 15 could feature a 3,877mAh battery, an 18 percent increase in capacity. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Plus might come equipped with a 4,912mAh battery, representing a 13.6 percent boost. The iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to have a 3,650mAh battery, 14.1 percent larger than its predecessor, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max could feature a 4,852mAh battery, 10.9 percent larger than before. Additionally, the 15W MagSafe may gain support for the newer Qi2 standard, and some, if not all, iPhone 15 models could support 35W fast charging.

Other Features

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 series will feature upgraded Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology, enhancing connectivity with the Apple Vision headset.

iPhone 15 Manufacturing in India

Apple has reportedly initiated iPhone 15 assembly at Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur plant in Tamil Nadu, India. Other manufacturing partners, including Wistron and Pegatron, may also contribute to iPhone 15 assembly. Furthermore, an Apple device, purportedly the iPhone 15, has been spotted on the BIS certification site in India.

As the Apple Wonderlust event draws closer, it won’t be long before we receive official confirmation regarding many of these rumors and speculations.

Conclusion: The iPhone 15 series is generating significant excitement with its anticipated design changes, camera upgrades, powerful chipsets, and enhanced battery capacities. Stay tuned for the official unveiling at the ‘Wonderlust’ event, where Apple will provide all the details you need to know about this highly anticipated lineup.


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