How to Download PTRC Challan: A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023

As a professional taxpayer, it’s essential to understand the process of obtaining a Professional Tax Registration Certificate (PTRC) and paying professional tax in your state. The state’s Goods and Services Tax Department website is the official platform where you can make a single online payment for the PTRC and PTEC.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on downloading the PTRC Challan and making professional tax payments online.

How to Download PTRC Challan

What is PTRC?

A PTRC is a crucial document for businesses acting as an employer. When an employee’s salary exceeds Rs. 7,500 per month, the company must deduct professional tax from their wages. Companies with directors must also register for a professional tax number and withhold the required tax from the director’s salary.

What you need to do before downloading PTRC Challan

Before you can download the PTRC challan, you need to do some important things:

Property Tax Registration: If you have not already registered, you will need to register your property for Property Tax. Usually, this is done through the municipal corporation or local municipal corporation.

Understanding PTRC Challan Form: There are various fields in the PTRC Challan Form where you must fill in your property and information about yourself. Before starting the process, make sure you have all the necessary information available.

Check to see if the property is eligible for the PTRC challan: Not every property can get a PTRC challan. Check with your local city or municipal government to determine eligibility for your property.

How to Make PTRC Payment Online?

Here is a simplified guide on how to pay your Maharashtra professional tax online:

  • Visit the Mahavat website and click on the e-payment option
  • Log in with your TIN and choose e-payment
  • Fill out MTR Form No. 6 with all the required information
  • Select the type of electronic payment, payment month, amount, and location of registration
  • Choose either a monthly or annual payment schedule depending on your tax liability
  • Submit the form and generate the GRN (government request number)
  • Pay the professional tax and save the receipt

How to Download PTRC Challan Receipt PDF Online?

Once you have made the payment, you can follow these steps how to download PTRC Challan receipt:

  • The system will redirect you to the Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax Department website
  • Save the electronic receipt for future reference
  • Go to the MGSTD website and log in
  • Select the e-services, VAT, and Allied Acts payment option
  • Choose the pending transaction history option and select “Act.”
  • All payments made under the Act will be displayed
  • Download the PTRC Challan receipt by selecting the “Get Condition” button


Finally, it is easy and can be done online to download the PTRC Challan Form and pay property tax. By following the steps in this guide, you can ensure that your property tax payments are made on time and without any hassle. It is important to remember that paying property tax on time is a responsibility and helps keep the infrastructure and services provided by the local municipal corporation or municipal corporation in good condition.