Hey, movie lovers! Get ready to witness an extraordinary journey of passion, perseverance and victory on the silver screen. Yes, I am talking about the much-awaited Hindi film Ghoomer Hindi Movie, directed by the talented R.K. has done it. It’s done. Balki is the mastermind of hit films like English Vinglish, Padman and Mission Mangal. The film is all set to take you on an emotional roller coaster that you would not want to miss!

Movie NameGhoomer
Directed byPrem Vijan
ProducerPrem Vijan
WriterTo be updated
StarringShabana Azmi, Abhishek Bachchan, Saiyami Kher
MusicTo be updated
CinematographerTo be updated
EditorTo be updated
Production CompanyHope Film Makers, Saraswati Entertainment
Release date18 August 2023
ReviewTo be updated
RatingTo be updated
RuntimeTo be updated
Box Office CollectionTo be updated
Censor CertificateU/A

Meet the Stellar Cast

Get ready to be mesmerized by some scintillating performances by some of the best actors of Bollywood. Leading the group is the great Shabana Azmi, who never fails to amaze us with her impeccable acting ability. Along with him, we have the versatile and charming Abhishek Bachchan who is all set to steal hearts yet again. Joining them are the talented Saiyami Kher and the dashing Angad Bedi, who are adding their own magic to the mix. With such a powerhouse of talent on board, we know we’re in for a treat!

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A Tale of Dreams and Cricket

The film revolves around the inspiring story of a paraplegic cricketer who dares to dream big and achieves the impossible with unwavering determination. Saiyami Kher delivers a stellar performance as the protagonist and brings alive the struggles, aspirations and triumphs of this remarkable character. What else? Abhishek Bachchan plays her coach, and adds another layer of depth to the story with his brilliant portrayal.

Mark Your Calendars

Well guys, here’s the scoop you’ve been waiting for! Ghoomer is all set to release in theaters on the exciting date of 18th August 2023. Yes that is correct! Circle the date on your calendar, set a reminder and make sure your popcorn is ready because this is one movie you won’t want to miss!

Is Ghoomer Coming to Your Screens?

If you are someone who likes to watch movies while sitting comfortably on your couch, then I have some exciting news for you. The team behind Ghoomer is in talks with none other than Netflix to bring the film to your screens! While we eagerly await the official announcement, it is safe to say that this incredible journey of dreams and determination may soon be just a few clicks away.

Curious Minds Want to Know – FAQs

Before you head out to witness this cinematic gem, let’s clear up some burning questions you might have:

Who’s Behind the Magic?

The mastermind behind Ghoomer is none other than the brilliant director R. Balki, known for delivering some of Bollywood’s most memorable films.

Who’s in the Spotlight?

Brace yourself for the phenomenal performances of Abhishek Bachchan and Saiyami Kher, leading the charge with their on-screen magic.

Any Hits Under R. Balki’s Belt?

You bet! The director has delivered some blockbuster hits, including English Vinglish, Shamitabh, Ki&Ka, Pad Man, and Mission Mangal. Now, that’s an impressive lineup!

Is it a Biopic?

Not exactly. Ghoomer is based on the incredible journey of a differently-abled woman cricketer, bringing her dreams and determination to the forefront.

When’s the Big Day?

Circle the date – 18th August 2023! That’s when Ghoomer is making its way to the silver screen, and we can hardly wait!

So there you have it, folks! The excitement is building, the anticipation is sky-high, and Ghoomer promises to be a cinematic delight that will stay with us for a long time. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and entertained by this cricket-based tale of dreams and triumph! See you at the movies!