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Emoji Meaning | Types of Emoji and Know Interesting Facts in 2022

If you use emojis and you do not know what is the meaning of that emoji, then today I am going to tell you clearly in this article about Emoji Meanings. By the way, there are many types of emojis and 1000s are there, is it necessary to know about all, no, today we will know about the symbol emoji which is the most popular. Which you use while licking.

You can express your feelings with the help of emojis. Below is a list of different types of emojis with emoji meanings. Which will make it much easier to know you. Without further ado, let’s begin

Types of Emoji Meaning

Emoji Face Meanings?

There are a lot of different emoji faces that you can use to express yourself. Each emoji has a different meaning, and you can use them to communicate a variety of emotions.

For example, the smiley face emoji is used to express happiness, while the crying face emoji is used to express sadness. You can also use the winking face emoji to indicate that you’re joking around, or the tongue sticking out emoji to indicate that you’re being playful. Experiment with different emoji faces to find the ones that best express how you’re feeling.

Whatsapp emojis meanings?

Simply put, emojis are depictions of human emotions, living beings, objects and even some symbols emoji. You can use them with the help of the internet while licking. e.g. on text messaging, social media platforms and any informal method of communication.

You can find emojis in many chat applications, like Whatsapp emoji meanings, which are very popular. At the end of the chat, the last emoji, i.e., the one that looks like a smiley to you, is present. It is also available on your mobile phone’s keyboard.

Blue Heart Emoji Meanings

The blue heart emoji is often used to represent love, affection, and close bonds. It can be used to show appreciation for someone or something special in your life. The blue heart emoji can also be used as a symbol of peace and tranquillity.

Black Heart Emoji Meanings

The black heart emoji is often used to represent dark or evil emotions, such as hatred, anger, or malice. It can also be used to indicate something is dangerous or risky. In some cases, it can be used as a form of flirtation or to represent sexual interest.

White Heart Emoji Meanings

The white heart emoji is often used to show love and affection. It can also be used to represent purity, innocence, and peace. In some cultures, the white heart emoji is seen as a symbol of friendship.

Facial Emoji Meanings

There are a lot of different facial emoji meanings that people use when they are texting or messaging. The most common ones are the smiley face, which means happy or friendly; the winking face, which means flirtatious or playful; the crying face, which means sad or upset; and the angry face, which means mad or frustrated.

There are also many other less common facial emoji meanings, such as the sleepy face, which can mean tired or bored; the tongue-out face, which can mean silly or playful; and the sunglasses face, which can mean cool or aloof.

Symbol Emoji Meanings

Most people are familiar with the standard symbol emoji, such as the smiley face or the heart. However, there are many other symbols that can be used as emoji. For example, the stars symbol can be used to indicate a rating (e.g. five stars) or to show approval.

The check mark emoji can be used to indicate that something is correct or has been completed. The arrow emoji can be used to show direction or movement. There are endless possibilities for how these symbols can be used, so get creative!

Emoji Meaning

Types of Emoji

Talking about the types of emoji faces, you will find a lot of emojis in the emoji section, but to make it easier for the users, it has been divided into categories, so that you can find the right emoji quickly, and the categories are explained as follows:

  • Smileys and people
  • Animals and Nature
  • Food and beverages
  • Travel and Places
  • Activities

What does Emoji Mean?

Emoji Meaning

Smiley and People

People use these emoji faces in their personal life so that they can express their feelings and emotions properly, usually, people use them through text messaging and social media.

😀GrinningIt conveys cheerfulness and joy toward something positiveGrinning face
😃SmileyThe Smiley emoji denotes happiness and positive feelingsGrinning face with big eyes
😄SmileThe smile emoji depicts a person’s happiness when sending a greeting text or simply used to compliment something or the other Grinning face with smiling eyes, happy face, smiley face
😁GrinThe grin emoji represents mischievousness but can be used to give away excitement and enjoymentBeaming face with smiley eyes, cheesy face
😆Laughing EmojiThe emoji depicts laughter often used to react to something hilariousGrinning squinting face emoji
😅Sweat smileUsed to depict a close call but is also often used in awkward situations during a chatPhew emoji, grinning face with sweat, relief emoji
🤣Rolling on the floor laughingUsed when someone cracks a hilarious jokeTitled laughter
😂JoyShedding tears because of laughing so hardFace with tears of joy, haha emoji
🙂Slightly smiling faceAn emoji can have two or more meanings to it such as being positive, happy or patronizing and being ironicIronic smile, pain behind the smile
🙃Upside down faceThe emoji depicts being silly and sarcasticSarcasm, silly
😉WinkThis emoji signals a joke or a hidden meaning that when users won’t be understood by manyWinky face
😊BlushThis emoji expresses extreme happiness and positive feelingsHappy, blushed face
😇InnocentThis emoji means being as innocent and pure as an angelAngel
😍Heart eyesTaken straight from cartoons, the hearted eyes emoji is used to convey feelings of love and attractionHeart face
😘Kissing heartThe emoji is used to convey goodbye to a very close oneBlowing kiss
😚Kissing closed eyesThe pink cheeks and puckered lips on this emoji convey sentiments of love and affectionKissy, kiss
😙Kissing smiling eyesThis emoji is also used to convey sentiments of love and affection but in a lighter wayKissy
😋YumUsed when one is about to have a delicious meal, or already had oneTasty, delicious
😛Stuck out tongueThis conveys a sense of excitement, fun and cutenessTounge out
😜Stuck out tongue winking eyeUsed when just casually kidding around with jokes and funny conversationsCrazy
😐️Neutral faceWhen the other person doesn’t get the joke but can also be used in context to concern for someoneStraight face emoji
😑ExpressionlessThe flat eyes and mouth convey a sense of frustration or disappointmentStraight mouth
🤔Thinking faceDepicts going into a deep state of thinkingThinker
🤫Shushing faceWhen the chat has gone with loads of messages and you want to make everyone quietShh, quiet emoji, hush
🤗Hugging faceThis emoji depicts a sense of affection for someoneHugging, Aww come here!
🤐Zipper mouth faceUsed when secrets and promises are to be kept among only a certain number of peopleLips sealed, zit it
🤑Money mouth faceThis emoji conveys the feeling of getting a good sum of moneyDollar sign eyes, money face
😶No mouthThis conveys the situations when one has no words to speak due to being disappointed in a positive or negative wayBlank face, mouthless, silence
😏SmirkThe emoji to use when you’ve achieved something great and can’t wait to boast about itFlirting face, smug face, suggestive face
😒Unamused faceGenerally related to negative emotions. This emoji conveys grumpiness or irritation towards someone or somethingDissatisfied, Meh, Unimpressed
🙄Face with rolling eyesUsed when the other person says something obvious or too dumbEye roll
😬Grimacing faceThe wide-open mouth and clenched teeth depict awkwardness or nervousnessAwkward, eek, nervous
🤥Lying facetaken straight from the fictional character Pinocchio, this emoji depicts lyingLiar, long nose, Pinocchio
😌Relieved faceThis emoji depicts a sense of calmness, peace or satisfactionContent, pleased
😔Pensive faceAn emoji used to describe a state of pain and sorrowSad, sad face, sorrowful
😴Sleeping faceOne can use this emoji to convey “good night” to a chatSleepy, Zzz face
😪Sleepy faceThe emoji depicts the feeling of exhaustion after a long tiring daySide-tear, snot bubble
🤤Drooling faceThis emoji denotes the irresistibility over a yummy foodDrool, water-dropping
😷Face with medical maskThis describes the wearing of a mask to protect from viruses and airborne diseasesCoronavirus, COVID-19, face mask
🤒Face with thermometerThis emoji depicts a sick personSick, ill
🤕Face with head bandageThe emoji denotes a bad head injuryClumsy, bandaged head, injured
🤢Nauseated FaceThe face depicting ‘about to throw upDisgusting, vomit face, yuck!
🤮Face vomitingThis represents disgust or an actual food illnessSpew, throwing up, vomit
🤧Sneezing faceThe emoji to use when someone has fallen sick and caught coldGesundheit, sneeze
🥵Hot faceWhen the temperature is risingOverheated face, so damn hot!
🥶Cold faceWhen the temperature touches rock bottom. Extremely coldFreezing face, Coldness, do damn cold!
🥴Woozy faceWhen you had too much boozeDrunk face
😵Face with crossed-out eyesThis emoji denotes disbelief or in some cases even deathDizzy face
🤯Exploding headRead, heard or saw something extremely shocking and amusingMind blow, what the…
🤠Cowboy hat faceA simple smiley emoji with a cowboy hatCowboy, brown hat face
🥳Partying faceParty time!Let’s party!
🥸Disguised faceSneaking into solving a particular case or matterDetective
😎Smiling face with sunglassesFeeling overachieved and coolSunglasses, cool, Oh yeah!
🤓Nerd’s faceDepicting a mind loaded with theoretical knowledgeClass topper, Nerdy
🧐Face with MonocleThis emoji depicts taking a closer into somethingDetective mode ON, something fishy
😕Confused faceAn emoji giving a look of uncertaintyPuzzled, nonplussed
☹️Frowning faceThis emoji denotes a deeply saddened stateMegafrown, disappointment
😮Face with Open mouthA round mouth emoji describes a shock which makes one go ‘wow!’Open mouth, surprised
😯Hushed faceThe emoji depicts mild amusement or surpriseSurprised face, surprise
😲Astonished faceUsed when one comes across something amusing or shocking in both positive or negative wayDrunk face, gasping face
😳Flushed faceA surprised emoji with eyes wide openedEmbarrassed, blushing face, shame
🥺Pleading faceDepicts wanting something so bad that their eyes become full of tearsBegging, glossy eyes, simp
😧Anguished faceDepicting sadness and disappointment at the same timePained face
😨Fearful faceThis emoji intends to depict fear of someone or somethingScared, surprised
😥Sad but relieved faceSad and relieved at the same time as things could’ve gone much worstEyebrow sweat
😭Loudly crying faceThis emoji conveys inconsolable grief but is also used in fun ways such as laughter or over-the-top joySobbing, sad tears, crying out loud
😱Face screaming in fearThis emoji depicts a high degree of shock which can be both positive and negativeHome alone, screaming, shocked
😖Confounded faceThe zig-zag mouth with crossed eyes on this emoji conveys irritation, sadness and rather all kinds of negative feelingsQuivering face, scrunched face
😞Disappointed faceThis emoji conveys an unhappy and sad face due to some recent eventsSad Emoji, sad face
😓Downcast face with sweatThis emoji conveys a certain degree of sadness, pain or disappointmentHard work, dejected
😫Tired faceWhen you’ve had a rough and tiring day at workExhausted, fed up
🥱Yawning faceUsed when someone’s feeling sleepyFeeling sleepy
😤Face with steam from noseTaking inspiration from manga or anime, this emoji depicts angriness and frustrationTriumph, steaming, frustrated
🤬Face with symbols on the mouthThis emoji depicts vulgar behaviour due to being too much furious at someone or somethingCursing, swearing
👿Angry face with hornsWhen the sender of this emoji becomes so angry that they turn into a devil with hornsDevil, devil horns, ultra angry
😈Smiling face with hornsWhen the sender of this emoji is onto something mischievous or wickedHappy devil
💀SkullThis emoji represents death from extreme laughter or frustrationDeath, death skull
💩Pile of pooOne of the most popular emojis. a poo emoji can be used to describe something as silly or funny but in a disgusting waySmiling poop, dog dirt
🤡Clown faceA circus clown can be used to describe something as creepy or hauntedJoker, what a joke!
👹Japanese ogreA kind of hideous ogre in Japanese folkloreMask face, Oni, red monster
👺GoblinThe goblin emoji denotes evil, anger, cruel behaviourLong face mask, red mask, grumpy monster
👻GhostThe ghost emoji can be used to convey someone or something as goofy and strangeHalloween, disappear, Snapchat
👽AlienA spooky face of an alien from outer spaceOuter space creature
👾Alien monsterAn alien monster from a video game of some sortSpace invader, video game monster
🤖Robot faceThe head of a classic vintage robotDroid, robot
🐱Cat faceA yellow cat face emojiSmiley cat, kitty, smiling cat
🙈See no evil monkeyA monkey covering its eyesMonkey covering eyes
🙉Hear no evil monkeyA monkey covering its ears Monkey covering eyes
🙊Speak no evil monkeyA monkey covering its  mouth Monkey covering mouth
👦Boy’s faceA simple emoji portraying a boy’s faceBoy, child boy
👧Girl’s faceA simple emoji portraying a girl’s faceGirl, child girl
👀EyesHuge eyes emoji with the pupil pointing to the leftEyeballs, wide-open eyes, what happened!?
✍️Writing handsAn emoji depicting the action of writing with a pen or pencilWriting, write
👋Waving handUsed either at the start or at the end of the conversationGoodbye, hello, hand wave
🦾Mechanical armA robotic artificial armA robotic arm, metal arm, artificial arm
🤳SelfieA human arm depicting the action of taking a selfie from a mobile phoneSelfie hand, hand cam
Smiley Emoji Meaning
emoji meaning

Animal and Nature

🐵MonkeyfaceA monkeyface emoji with wide-open eyesMonkey head
🐒MonkeyA small primate with long limbsCheeky monkey
🦍GorillaAn emoji of a grey-haired gorilla
🦧OrangutanThe orange-haired ape emoji with long arms
🐶DogfaceAn emoji portraying the face of a dogPuppy, doggy
🐕DogA dog emoji is known as ‘human’s best friendDoggo
🐺WolfAn emoji portraying the face of a wolfWolf’s face
🦊FoxAn emoji portraying the face of a foxFox’s face
🦝RaccoonA grey raccoon emoji
🐈CatA cat emoji which is generally kept as a petFeline, a house cat
🦁Lion faceA simple emoji with a face of a lionLion
🐅TigerA large orange cat with black stripes across its bodyBengal tiger
🐆LeopardA large yellow cat with black yellow spotsJaguar
🐎HorseA horse emoji is depicted as galloping toward the leftRacehorse, galloping horse
🦄UnicornA mythical and fantasy animal
🦓ZebraAn emoji of the popular black-striped animal called zebra
🦬BisonA brown bison showed in full profile with horns, a beard, and a woolly maneBuffalo
🐄CowA dairy cow emoji with black spots on its bodyDairy cow
🐂OxAn emoji depicting a brown oxOxen, bull
🐪CamelAn emoji portrayal of a desert animalDesert camel, Arabian camel
🦙LlamaA rare camel-like animal found in South AmericaAlpaca
🦒GiraffeA face emoji of the tallest animal around called a giraffe
🐘ElephantAn emoji of the largest animal on the planet known as the elephant
🦏RhinoA large mammal with massive hornsRhinoceros
🦣MammothA woolly extinct creature with long curvy tasks
🦛HippoAn emoji of a huge water mammal with big jawsHippopotamus
🐁MouseA bright mouse emoji with a long pink tailRodent, mice
🐀RatA rat emoji with a long pink tailRodent
🐹HamsterA small cute rodent often kept as a petHamster face
🐇RabbitA mammal that loves to eat and has long eatsBunny
🐿️SquirrelA rodent with big and puffy cheeks Chipmunk
🦔HedgehogAn emoji of a small spiny mammal called a hedgehogSpike
🦇BatA bat emoji can also be used to describe the superhero BatmanBatman
🐻BearAn emoji portrayal of a pandaTeddy bear
🐻‍❄️Polar bearAn emoji of an animal found in arctic placesBear face
🐼PandaAn emoji depicting a pandaPanda face
🦘KangarooAn emoji of a kangarooRoo
🕊️DoveA bird associated with the symbol of peaceDove of peace
🦅EagleAn emoji portrayal of the majestic bird eagleBald eagle
🦉OwlAn emoji of a large-eyed bird owl
🌲Evergreen treeAn evergreen tree is one that keeps its leaves all year longFir tree, Pine tree
🌵CactusA cactus plant emojiDesert
🌴Palm treeA tree on which coconuts growCoconut tree
🌿HerbA green herb emojiCrop
🍁Maple leafAn orange maple leaf is also associated with the country of CanadaCanada
🌹RoseA vibrant red rose emoji with the stem. Often used as a symbol of loveRed rose, red flower
Whatsapp Emoji Meaning

Food and Drink

🍇GrapesA grape bunch emojiGrape
🍈MelonA light green melon emojiCantaloupe, Honeydew
🍉WatermelonA slice of watermelon showing the juicy red part with black seeds
🍊OrangeAn emoji portraying the pulpy fruit known as orangeTangerine, Mandarin
🍋LemonThe yellow and sour citrus fruit called lemonLemonade
🍌BananaA peeled banana emojiMonkey snack
🍍PineappleThe tropical fruit pineapple with a shoot of leaves at the top
🥭MangoAn emoji of a tropical mangoMangifera
🍎AppleA vibrant red apple emojiRed apple
🍏Green appleAn emoji portraying a green appleGranny apple
🍐PearAn emoji portraying a green pear
🍑PeachAn emoji portraying a peachBottom
🍓StrawberryA red fruit called strawberry topped with green leaves
🍒CherriesTwo cherries with a leafCherry
🥝KiwiA kiwi fruit sliced open to show the actual fruit along with black seedsChinese gooseberry
🍅TomatoA full red tomato with a green stemTomato plant
🥥CoconutA half-cut coconut emoji showing its white meat
🥑AvocadoA half-cut avocado emoji exposing the brown pit in the middle
🍆EggplantAn eggplant emoji with a green stemBrinjal
🥔PotatoA potato emojiBaked potato
🥕CarrotA long bright orange carrot emoji with green leaves on the top
🌽CornAn ear of golden corn partially huskedEar of corn, maize
🌶️Hot pepperA bright red chilliChilli, spicy
🥦BroccoliAn emoji depicting broccoliGreen veggie
🍞BreadA loaf of breadLoaf of bread
🥓BaconAn emoji depicting baconBashers
🍔BurgerA burger emoji with a patty and vegetablesHamburger, cheeseburger
🍟FriesBrown french fries in a red cartonFrench fries, chips
🍕PizzaA slice of pepperoni pizzaSlice of pizza, cheese pizza
🌭HotdogA popular western food featuring a sausage inside a bunSausage
🌯BurritoA wrapped dish filled with rice, beans, beef and cheeseWrap, roll
🧆FalafelA popular dish in the Middle East and North AfricaFlatbread, pita
🥘A shallow pan of foodAn emoji denoting a dish that contains rice, vegetables and curryMix veg, pan
🍜Steaming bowlA steaming bowl of rice or noodlesRamen, noodles
🍛Curry and riceCurry with riceCurry, Indian food
🍗Poultry legThis brown-coloured emoji depicts a crispy chicken legChicken, chicken leg piece, drumstick
🍙Rice ballThe emoji indicates a rice ball wrapped in seaweedOnigiri, seaweed
🍥Fish cakeA Japanese delicacy of processed whitefish served with ramenFish cake with swirl, pink swirl
🥮MooncakeA traditional sweet Chinese delicacyChinese mooncake
🍡DangoA Japanese sweet dumpling made from rice flour and served on a skewerDessert stick 
🥟DumplingA popular Asian food filled with veg and non-veg itemsMomos, Empanada
🍧Shaved iceA shaved ice cone with cherry/strawberry syrupSnowcone, ice-cream
🍩DoughnutA chocolate doughnut emoji Doughnut
🍰CakeA piece of cake or more specifically an emoji of a pastryPastry, shortcake, strawberry cake
🧁CupcakeA cupcake emoji with pink cream toppingMuffin, fairy cake
Hot beverageThis emoji can be related to coffee, tea and other hot beveragesTea, Espresso, hot chocolate
🍫ChocolateA bar of chocolate in a red wrapperChocolate bar, candy bar
🍵Teacup without handleA beverage cup without a handle and generally associated with green teaGreen tea, Matcha
🥃Tumbler glassA short and wide glass is used for liquors such as whiskeyLiquor, rum, whiskey
🧊IceAn ice cube which is used to make drinks coolerIce cube
🥄SpoonA simple silver spoon emojiTeaspoon
🍽️Fork & knife with plateA cutlery emoji can be associated with having a mealDinner, cutlery
🍺BeerA mug filled with beer with frothy headsBeer mug, beer stein
🍻BeersThe clinking of two beer mugs for the gesture of ‘Cheers!’Clinking beer mugs
Heart Emoji Meaning


🎃Jack-O-LanternThe jack-o-lantern is the classic symbol of HalloweenHalloween, pumpkin
🎄ChristmasThe Christmas tree emoji represents Christmas and/or holidaysXmas tree
🎆FireworksThe Fireworks emoji represents the stunning combination of lights in the nighttime when burnt crackersExplosion
🧨FirecrackerA firecracker is burnt on various occasions across the globe such as Diwali, and New Year celebrations etc.Crackers, dynamite, blast
SparklesUsed to represent positive sentiments like happiness, gratitude and excitementGlitter, shiny
🎈BalloonThe red balloon emoji represents birthday celebrations or a generic simple balloon Party, red balloon
🎉Party popperThe party popper emoji is used to depict celebrations or partiesTada, celebration
🎊ConfettiConfetti emoji is used to depict celebrations or partiesConfetti ball
🎋Tanabata treeA tree emoji specifically representing the Tanabata treeWish tree
🎍BambooA bamboo emoji representing the bamboo plant in a pot or cupPine decoration
🎎DollsDolls indicating toysJapanese dolls
🎐WindchimeUsed for content concerning various senses of wind and chime due to its appearanceJellyfish, wind bell
🧧Red envelopeGenerally used in Asian culturesRed packet, Ang Pao
🎀RibbonThe emoji indicates something or someone is cuteBow
🎁GiftAn emoji indicating a surprise, gift or presentsGif package, Birthday present
🎗️Reminder ribbonAn awareness ribbon emojiribbon
🎫TicketThe ticket emoji is used when going to a place that requires a paid entry such as a cinema, sports etc.Movie ticket, admission ticket
🎖️MedalThe medal emoji represents an achievement recognitionMilitary medal
🏆TrophyThe trophy emoji represents an achievement recognitionChampionship trophy
🥇First place medalA golden emoji is used in chats to convey first-place ranking in a sport or an eventFirst position, gold medal
SoccerA soccer ball emoji depicting the football or soccer sportFootball
BaseballA ball emoji but more specifically a baseball Softball
🏀BasketballA basketball emoji showing the orange striped ball used in basketballOrange ball
🏐VolleyballA volleyball emoji, showing the round ball used in the sportVolley
🏉Rugby footballThis emoji depicts a famous western sport called rugby Football, League
🎾TennisA racket and ball emoji indicating the tennis sportsTennis racket, lawn tennis, tennis ball
🏓Ping PongA paddle and ping pong ball is used in the sport of table tennis.Table tennis
🥏Flying discA disc-like emoji depicting frisbeeFrisbee
🏏Cricket gameA bat and ball emoji depicting the game of cricketBat & Ball
🎳BowlingA ball and pin emoji depicting the indoor game called bowlingPins, bowling ball
🏑Field hockeyA hockey stick and ball, used in the sport of field hockeyHockey
🥍LacrosseA sport in which two players have to hit the wall with a tennis ball using racquetsSquash
🏸BadmintonA racquet and shuttlecock emoji representing badminton Badminton racquet and shuttlecock
🥊Boxing gloveA red boxing glove emoji depicting the boxing sportPunch, punching
🥋Martial ArtsA traditional martial arts uniform emoji which depicts games such as judo or karateMartial Arts uniform
🥅Goal netAlso known as the goal pole, this emoji depicts a classic outdoor sport called soccerSoccer
GolfAlso known as a flag in the hole, this emoji depicts a red flag in a hole representing a sport called golfFlag in hole
⛸️Ice skatesIce skates are used to skate on a floor made of iceIce skating
🎣FishingThis emoji represents a fishing rod and a fish hooked onto itFishing pole, fishing rod
🤿Diving maskThis emoji represents the snorkel which is a crucial piece of equipment used in diving or staying under the water for long durationsDiving, swimming
🎿SkiAn outdoor winter sport in which a person slides down a snowy mountain or hill Skiing, Skis
🎯DartsA dart emoji specifically depicting a bullseyeBullseye
🪀Yo-YoThis is a fun little spinning gadget used during free timeSpinning
🪁KiteA diamond-shaped red kite with a long tailRed kite
🎱8 BallThe classic 8 ball represents games such as snooker and billiardsSnooker, 8 Ball Pool, billiards
🔮Crystal ballCrystal ball emojis can be used in texts concerning magic and future predictionFortune teller, purple crystal
🧿Nazar AmuletThis interesting-looking emoji represents eyes and various senses of charm, envy & jealousy in Turkish cultureEvil Eye Talisman
🕹️JoystickAn emoji is generally used to convey  playing video games but more specifically for classic or aviation genre games Gaming
🎮Video gameThis emoji can be used to call up your friends for a video game sessionController, gamepad, Xbox, Play Station
🎰Slot machineOne can use this emoji on a chat to make casino or gambling plansCasino, gambling
🎲DiceA six-sided die emoji that depicts dice used in board games such as ludo, monopoly etc.Game dies
🧸Teddy bearTeddy bear emoji can be used to convey something or someone cuteBear, soft toy
♠️SpadesA type of card used in playing cardsSpades suit
♥️Heart emojiA type of card shaped like a heart emoji used in playing cardsHearts suit
♦️DiamondsA type of card shaped like a diamond used in playing cardsDiamonds suit
♣️ClubsA type of card used in playing cardsClubs suit
♟️ChessA chess piece called a pawnChess pawn
🃏JokerA card emoji that depicts a jokerJoker card
🀄MahjongA red-white tile from the Japanese game called MahjongMahjong Red Dragon
🎭Performing ArtsThis emoji is used to indicate theatre or dramaDrama, Theatre
🧶YarnA ball of yarn through which woollen clothes are sewedBall of yarn
🎨ArtThe emoji depicts the colour paletteArtist’s palette, painting
Symbol Emoji Meaning

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