DD Returns OTT Release Date: In a new exciting development for fans of Tamil cinema, the highly anticipated movie “DD Returns” is all set to grace our screens with a perfect blend of comedy and horror. The film stars the immensely talented Santhanam, a popular figure in the South Film Industry known for his impeccable comedic timing and acting prowess. This article aims to provide an exclusive insight into the key details of the movie, including its OTT release date, platform, cast, storyline, and much more.

DD Returns OTT Release Date
DD Returns Tamil Movie Download

A Bag Full of Entertainment: DD Returns OTT Release Date

If laughter is your preferred choice of entertainment, then “DD Returns movie” is here to tickle your funny bone. The movie, directed by S Prem Anand, falls under the genre of comedy-horror, promising a delightful cinematic experience where laughter trumps fear. The release date for the much-anticipated film has been officially set for September 1, 2023. Fans and enthusiasts can catch all the hilarious and spooky action exclusively on Zee 5, one of the leading over-the-top platforms.

Meet the Cast: A Powerhouse of Talent

“DD Returns” boasts a stellar cast, with talented individuals bringing the story to life. The ensemble includes:

  • Santhanam
  • Surbhi
  • Munishkanth
  • Lollu
  • Rajendran
  • Redin
  • Masoom Shankar
  • Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat
  • Boxer Dheena

Of particular note is Rajendran, a familiar face in South Indian films, known for his exceptional comedic timing and impactful dialogue delivery. The film promises to deliver a captivating blend of comedy, memorable dialogues, and foot-tapping songs.

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DD Returns OTT Release Date Overview

Movie NameDD Returns or (Dhilluku Dhuddu Returns)
DirectorS Prem Anand
BannerRK Entertainment
Lead CastSanthanam and Surbi
CertificationUA Certified
Release Date18 July 2023
Budget12 Crore
1st Week Collection35.1 Crore
Total Screens for Telecast500: India (400) and Overseas (100)
DD Returns OTT Release Date1 September 2023 (Expected)
OTT PlatformZee5

Unveiling the OTT Platform: DD Returns Finds a Home on Zee 5

For cinephiles eagerly waiting to know where they can catch “DD Returns,” the film is exclusively available on the Zee 5 platform. Zee 5 has garnered a reputation for providing a diverse range of original and engaging content, including series, movies, documentaries, and more. The affordability of subscription packages makes it an attractive option for viewers seeking quality entertainment.

Zee5 Premium₹1499

A Hauntingly Hilarious Storyline

Following the success of “Dhilluku Dhuddu” in 2016, the makers of “DD Returns” aim to replicate their positive reception with a captivating storyline. The movie is centered around a group of friends who, in their quest for quick riches, decide to enter a haunted house. Their attempt to evade the police takes an unexpected turn as they find themselves face-to-face with mischievous ghosts, leading to a series of uproarious consequences. To avoid giving away too much, let’s just say the friends are in for a wild and hilarious survival adventure.

Movie-Making Endeavors and Latest News

“DD Returns” comes with a budget of 12 crores, a significant portion of which has been allocated to casting, production, cinematography, editing, and advertising. However, recent reports suggest that the film’s success at the box office is poised to exceed the initial investment. The movie was shot in picturesque locations across Chennai and Pondicherry, providing a visually appealing backdrop that adds to the overall cinematic experience.


In conclusion, “DD Returns OTT Release Date” is all set to deliver a roller-coaster ride of laughter and chills, with Santhanam and an exceptional cast leading the way. The movie’s impending release on Zee 5 has created a buzz of excitement among fans eagerly awaiting this unique comedy-horror experience. With a compelling storyline, top-tier comedic performances, and a backdrop of stunning locales, “DD Returns” is poised to be a hit that leaves the audience craving for more.