Hello friends get ready for some excitement, drama and a whole lot of entertainment with the latest Hindi web series – Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal! Starring the talented Ruks Khandagale in the lead role, the series is all set to hit the screens on August 4, 2023 exclusively on Rabbit Movies App. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this rollercoaster ride!

What’s the Storyline?

Well, let me take you a look at the story of Bhabhi Ka Bhaukaal. The story revolves around an eccentric cable operator who has a crush on attractive women. He has his eye on a schoolgirl named Soni, and bam! He falls madly in love with her. but guess what? When he gathered the courage to express his feelings, she rejected him. Ouch! That rejection made him mad! What will happen next? To know this my friend, you have to watch Bhabhi Ka Bhaukaal web series on Rabbit Movies. It’s going to be an amazing ride!

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A Peek into the Episodes

This web series comes packed with three thrilling episodes, each with its own unique twist and turns that’ll keep you hooked throughout.

  • Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal Episode 1 – Big Shot
  • Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal Episode 2 – True Love
  • Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal Episode 3 – Rejected
  • Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal Episode 4 – Denial

Meet the Cast

Now, let’s meet the fabulous cast members who’ve brought these characters to life:

  • Ruks Khandagale – She’s the star of the show, and trust me, her performance is top-notch!
  • Preeti Puneet – You’ll love her, hate her, but you can’t ignore her!
  • Leena Singh – Brace yourselves for some intense acting from her!

How to Watch Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal Web Series Online on Rabbit Movies?

Wanna join the fun and watch the full Bhabhi Ka Bhaukaal series online? It’s a piece of cake! Just follow these simple steps:

  • First things first, visit the official website of Rabbit Movies or head to the Play Store or App Store and download the Rabbit Movies app.
  • Once you’ve got the app, log in with your phone number or email id. If you’re new, no worries, just sign up!
  • Now, select the subscription plan that suits you best. You’ve got options like Rs. 99 for a month, Rs. 199 for 3 months, Rs. 249 for 6 months, and Rs. 349 for 1 year. And hey, if you’re looking for a short-term commitment, there’s a pocket-friendly plan at just Rs. 79 for 7 days.
  • After making the payment, head straight to the home page and search for Bhabhi Ka Bhaukaal.
  • Spot the poster, click on it, and voilà! You’re all set to binge-watch the latest episodes online. And yes, if you want to watch ’em offline, you can download the episodes too.
  • The best part? Unlimited streaming and downloads are available in all subscription plans, and you get to enjoy it all in full HD+ (2K) quality. Amazing, right?

A Closer Look at Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal

Let me give you the full scoop on this exciting series:

  • Series Name: Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal
  • Season: 1
  • Part: 1
  • Episodes: 4 (Expected)
  • Runtime: 25 – 35 Minutes (Expected)
  • Director: Yet to be updated
  • OTT Platform: Rabbit Movies
  • Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali

Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal Trailer

So mark your calendars, set those reminders, and get ready for the thrilling ride of Bhabhi Ka Bhaukal. It’s gonna be a blast, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to catch it on Rabbit Movies starting August 4th, 2023. Happy watching, folks!