Today we will talk in this article about why a government job is very important for a woman and why a woman wants to do a government job. Government jobs have been a major consideration of women for various reasons. First, most government jobs have fixed work hours, with a better vacation policy, and more holidays than any private job. All these help to maintain a good life and balance of work. Maternity benefit in a government job does not match any private job. Also, unlike the later years of the Seventh Pay Commission, the salaries of government jobs are equal to those of private jobs.

In the 21st century, women are no less than men, so the government declares equal jobs for women. While women are being given equal development opportunities, examples of women leaders in government and various government sectors are clearly indicating the trend. That they have taken full advantage of this opportunity. To name a few of our women leaders like Arundhati Bhattacharya (Chairman, SBI), Usha Anant Subramanian (CEO & MD, Punjab National Bank), Meera Borwankar (IPS officer), Amrapali Kata (IAS officer). What is the best government job for women in India and what are the benefits of that job, now they know.

Why Government Jobs are Perfect for Women in India

Good Work-life and Stability: It is learned from the sources that they have to leave work to balance between home and work. This is an important reason that women like to do government jobs because they get a lot of conveniences here and they have to work according to the fixed time. And there is a good leave policy and holiday is also available in the festival. So that a woman can balance herself.

Maternity Leave: Most government offices offer a minimum of six months of maternity leave to ladies. Railways additionally offer a leave of up to 2 years to continue maternity leave once applied by the mother. whereas non-public sector jobs largely pay solely 3 months leave which can be less dependent on the health standing of the newborn. Adoptive mothers area unit was eligible for 180 days of maternity leave underneath the Central Government.

Equal Growth Opportunity & Good Salary: Government sector women get access to handsome salaries and equal development opportunities on a long-term basis such as personal sector, base promotion of public sector jobs. Therefore, the girls who place bets on their performance receive the civil right to groom as men, rather than as men.

Best Government Jobs for Women in India
Best Government Jobs for Women in India

Best Government Jobs for Women In India

1. Bank Jobs

Bank jobs are most preferred for women. This bank job offers a good salary, better leave benefits, fixed working hours, reputation and more. Also, with the transfer policies recently implemented by the government, whenever a woman needs her family, it is easy for her to relocate, as well as the stability and security that comes with a bank job. Nothing can be matched to emotion. The scope of employment and development is also increasing with the coming of more women branches in PSUs of the government.

2. Railway Jobs

There are a lot of opportunities for women in the Indian Railways by the Central Government. A job in Indian Railways comes not only with a good salary but also with amazing perks like residence, travel pass, affordable healthcare, retirement benefits and much more. In addition to bank jobs, transfers are adjusted based on the situation in the railways as well. Indian Railways also gives relaxation of up to 2 years in continuation with maternity leave, if applied for. Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) brings in various positions in Railways that are perfect for women.

3. SSC Jobs

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts a Combined Graduate Level (CGL) examination every year in order to fill various posts under Central Government in Income Tax, CBI, Custom, Excise, and more departments. The major assumption about these jobs is that there is consistency in the work they provide.

4. UPSC Jobs

Various types of posts are available for women under UPSC. With a good salary, these jobs come with other government job benefits. Apart from this, various civil service jobs under UPSC like IAS, IFS, IPS are not only the most sought after but also the most well paid and reputed.

5. TET Jobs

A teaching job has always been considered one of the best jobs for women. The central government conducts the TET exam every year to evaluate and appoint candidates in government schools and colleges. Some states also conduct state level exams for the same. The holiday time comes as a boon for mothers.