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In the recent episode of “Anupama”, aired on 17th August 2023, tension rises within the family as Anuj confronts Romil about his behaviour. The Episode starts with a heated exchange between Anuj and Romil, where Anuj sternly warns Romil to stop his constant victim mentality. Anuj, who himself comes from an orphanage, dismisses Romil’s attempts to play the victim card, stressing the importance of counting one’s blessings and instead focusing on personal achievements.

Anupama Written Update 17th August 2023 Episodes

Romil expressed his dismay at feeling surrounded, claiming that he needed permission to even breathe in the house. However, Anuj firmly reminds her that asking for permission too soon may result in another slap, underscoring the seriousness of her conduct. In the midst of this heated argument, Anupama intervenes and tells that Romil is being scolded for his inherent goodness.

Anger flares up when Romil shouts that he does not need her concern or guidance, and urges her to refrain from playing the role of life coach. Despite the tension, Ankush intervenes and urges Romil to apologize to both Anuj and Anupama for his disrespectful behaviour. Ultimately, Romil has to bow down to Ankush’s insistence and apologize.

The family dynamics change as the episodes progress. Anuj assigns Romil to clean up the mess made by him and his friends, while Barkha adds her two cents by reflecting on the mistake of handing over the credit card to Romil. Anuj warns Ankush to be careful in moving forward and indicates possible consequences if the situation doesn’t improve. On the other hand, Anupama urges Ankush to pay more attention to Romil, underlining his important role in Romil’s life.

After this altercation, a new dispute arises in the house the next morning. Dimpy shows her determination and creates a dividing line in the kitchen. This move stuns Leela, who is left heartbroken by the split. Dimpy is determined and insists that she has clearly marked the boundaries of the kitchen, triggering a clash of ideologies.

Meanwhile, Anupama and Anuj share an affectionate moment showcasing their deep bond. Their conversation turns to business matters, as they announce their plans to seal a deal with Mr. Talwar. After managing the business well in Anuj’s absence, Barkha expresses her desire to rejoin the business. Anuj’s son, More is also interested in getting more involved in the business.

As the episode comes to an end, tension remains high inside the house. Adhik’s behavior becomes even more worrying as he slaps Pakhi, leaving the family members upset. Pakhi’s mother Anu comes to know about the incident and takes her strong stand against any form of physical aggression. However, Pakhi explains Adhik’s antics as a normal occurrence between husband and wife.

In the midst of these interpersonal struggles, Anupama offers her perspective on maintaining healthy relationships. The episode ends with a lingering sense of unease, as the family grapples with these new challenges.

In conclusion, the latest episode of “Anupama” throws light on the complex web of family dynamics and personal conflicts while touching upon the themes of respect, authority and complexities of marital relations. With rising tensions and strained relationships, the characters grapple with the ups and downs of their interconnected lives, giving viewers a fascinating glimpse into the multi-faceted world of the Shah family.