In the short-paced international of virtual amusement, Ullu has yet again managed to grab the highlight with its upcoming release, “Antique Part 2 Web Series.”

Starring Muskaan Agarwal, Suhana Khan, and Soni Jha in the lead roles, this Hindi web series is prepared to captivate audiences when it premieres on September 8, 2023. It will likely be available in multiple languages: Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, ensuring a wider reach and a greater inclusive viewing.

Antique Part 2 Web Series

Unraveling the Plot

“Antique Part 2” weaves a gripping narrative around an Antique keep proprietor whose existence is tumultuous. His questionable conduct toward his clients is rooted in his wife’s deteriorating scientific situation. However, his dark secrets and sinister actions come to mild while he is, in the end, caught crimson-handed. The tale delves into the effects he faces, particularly while his spouse discovers the truth. The suspense and drama unfold, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as they eagerly count on the twists and turns of this interesting saga.

Episode Guide

For individuals who love keeping music in their favorite indicates, here’s a sneak peek into the episodes of “Antique Part 2”:

  1. Antique Part 2 Episode 4 – Business As Usual
  2. Antique Part 2 Episode 5 – Crossed The Line
  3. Antique Part 2 Episode 6 – Karma

Each episode guarantees a unique and engaging storyline, making it an ought to look ahead to all net collection lovers.

Meet the Cast of Antique Part 2 Web Series

The series boasts a skilled forged that breathes life into its characters. The primary development consists of the following:

  • Muskaan Agarwal
  • Suhana Khan
  • Soni Jha

Their stellar performances add depth and authenticity to the story, making it enjoyable.

How to Access the Antique Part 2 Web Series on Ullu

If you’re eager to dive into this exciting web series, right here’s how you can watch it on Ullu:

  1. Visit the ULLU website or download the app on your preferred tool.
  2. Log in with your telephone variety or sign up if you’re new to the platform.
  3. Select your subscription plan from the to-be-had options: Rs. 99 for 10 Days, Rs. 180 for a Month, Rs. 297 for 4 Months, or Rs. 450 for 1 Year.
  4. Once your price is processed, you will gain entry to the whole Ullu internet collection library.
  5. Search for “Antique Part 2” internet collection.
  6. Tap on the poster and click on the “Watch Now” button to start streaming the modern-day episodes immediately. You can also choose to download the episodes for offline viewing.

Full Details of Antique Part 2 Web Series

For those searching for extra statistics, right here are the whole info of the internet collection:

  • Title: Antique
  • Season: 1
  • Part: 2
  • OTT Streaming Platform: Ullu App
  • Runtime: 25 – 30 Minutes (in step with episode)
  • Release Date: September eight, 2023
  • Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

Antique Part 2 Trailer

Credit: YouTube

Take advantage of this captivating net series that promises suspense, drama, and first-rate performances. Mark your calendars for September 8, 2023, and get geared up to embark on a thrilling adventure with “Antique Part 2 web series.”