Film fans have been looking for alternatives to MovieTube since it shut down to continue streaming movies and TV series online without paying fees. After looking around, I came across some fantastic alternatives that are superior to and more feature-rich than MovieTube.

I recommend that you make use of a Virtual Private Network.
A virtual private network (VPN) is essential for streaming. Did you realise that even when you pay for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and similar OTT services, you still don’t receive access to all their available content?

Due to “regional copyrights,” even these paid OTT sites can only stream a movie or TV show within a certain geographical region.

Best Alternatives To MovieTube
Best Alternatives To MovieTube

As for why a VPN is useful, consider the following:

  • Using a virtual private network (VPN) allows you to access content that is normally restricted due to your location. Your web traffic is redirected through a server in a country where the desired material is stored.
  • Changing your IP and encrypting your connection are two ways a VPN greatly increases your online anonymity. With a concealed IP, you can effectively disappear from online sight.
  • Avoiding being observed or traced by your ISP when streaming is another benefit of using a virtual private network.
  • The VPN also protects you from slowing your connection down by your ISP when streaming material. ISPs may limit your data transfer during peak hours since they consider streaming a high-bandwidth activity.
  • Unblocking complete websites or services is necessary if your Internet service provider or government has prohibited access to the site or service in question. The VPN also works to circumvent such restrictions.
  • You can evade hackers and other dangerous parties monitoring your streaming activity with a virtual private network. Your data and online activity are both protected by the encryption it provides.

My recommendation for the finest virtual private network is NordVPN. It costs half as much as competing VPNs while allowing access to more sites and information.

Free Movie Alternatives to MovieTube

If you’re looking for more sites like MovieTube, I’ve created a list of some of the best alternatives. If I know movie fans, they’ll be smitten with these choices and won’t look elsewhere for their movie streaming needs.


Regarding online video streaming, the term Vumoo is practically universally recognized. It’s a given that, as a movie fanatic, you’re already familiar with this particular website.

While other free movie sites, like MovieTube, have failed to provide a quality viewing experience, it has been doing so for quite some time.

Although not as well-organized as MovieTube, this site is nonetheless simple to navigate and worth your time.

You can view movies on Vumoo without providing personal information (e.g., name, email address, credit card number, etc.).

Visit the URL above, enter the name of the film you like to watch, select it from the list of featured films on the homepage, and then click the film’s title.

This is a great method to watch your Movie of choice without spending any money.

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Compared to other movie streaming giants like 123movies and Solarmovies, Soap2Day has not acquired nearly as much traction. However, among these options, it stands out as the top choice.

It’s designed differently from anything else, and there are no advertisements. A subscription is not required. Whether your preference is for movies, TV shows, or sports, it has what you want.

In addition, it has a sizable collection of films from various categories, such as action, family, horror, romance, science fiction, comedy, and more. Since it has such a large movie library, it is sure to have at least one film that will pique your interest regardless of your preferred film genre.

In addition, you can filter films based on their release date, popularity, or IMDB score.

The show is incredible to watch. Of course, I do mean it. No commercial window or advertisement pops up when I press the play button on a streaming movie.


When asked about alternatives to MovieTube, I naturally began with PopcornFlix because it is an established streaming network that requires little explanation. PopcornFlix, one of the most adaptable and frequently visited movie sites, also has its app.

Free full-length movies are available here, and while registration is not required, it only takes around two minutes to complete.

Creating a profile on the site takes good care of your preferences from there on out. You’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for with the help of this site’s fantastic directory, which includes categories for both television and film.

The website has been up and running since 1999 and may be accessed from various devices. If you like watching movies and TV shows, this is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

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It’s a site with no commercials and lots of cool features where you can watch movies and TV shows from 13 countries.

It may be a newcomer, but MoviesJoy has already established itself as the streaming industry leader by offering its customers the highest quality service possible.

Because of this, there is no requirement to sign up or reveal any personal information.

When you click the play button in MoviesJoy, you won’t be redirected to any spam websites.

It provides a comprehensive index from which you can select the film best suits your preferences.

MoviesJoy’s ability to sort content by release year, quality, genre, and nation is just one of its many selling points.

But it’s a great option for video-sharing websites like MovieTube.


I doubt I need to say much more of an introduction about this site, as Putlocker is, arguably, the most revered site in its field. I included this site in my list of alternatives to MovieTube because the original site has closed down, and this one is a clone.

Even though it’s a copy, this website has shown to be a reliable resource for gaining access to high-quality videos for no cost.

You may watch any movie or television show on this site, from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to Justice League. Not only are you not allowed to sign up here, but everywhere else as well. You may sort movies and TV shows by criteria such as genre, year, popularity, and even release date.

An excitingly new site that is updated every day so that visitors can catch up on the latest episodes of their favourite series and movies as soon as they are published. You may access your movie collection, search for specific titles, and view or download them. You’ll be redirected to an external site where various high-quality links will be available.


You can stream full episodes of your favourite shows in HD quality from the original online movie theatre without ever having to create an account.

WatchFree’s homepage prominently features tabs for “Most Popular,” “Newest,” “HD,” and “Top 100” films.

In addition, there is a vast range of genres available, such as “western,” “thriller,” “mystery,” “drama,” “history,” “crime,” “action,” and so on.

When you click the play button on WatchFree, you won’t be redirected to a spam site or get any pop-ups. Compared to other MovieTube substitutes, it unquestionably provides the best experience for streaming movies.

Current information is included. Newly released films are readily available for viewing.

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If you’re looking for a superior alternative to MovieTube, then go no further than CineBloom, which offers an extensive library of movies in high definition. There is no prompt to sign up for an account.

There aren’t many ads, but there aren’t any annoying pop-ups. Provides a user-friendly interface that makes finding a good film a breeze.

The fact that the film’s quality is prominently shown right below the title on the homepage saves time and effort.

The TV show selection is equally impressive, if not more so, than the movie selection.

When streaming, uStream (Direct) is always the way to go. Also, you have access to four or more streaming servers. If you’re having trouble with the uStream Direct option, you should only use other servers.


You can watch movies online with many different options on LookMovie. Features a sleek, modern design, many filters for sorting films and TV series, and a featured thumbnail labelled with the film’s IMDB rating, quality, and release year, among other fantastic details.

It already has a massive library and routinely updates that catalogue to include the newest films. Alternatively, the site’s sophisticated filter capabilities make it a breeze to locate any movie, from the most recent release to a classic from decades before.

It’s standard for free movie websites to have some advertising banners.

I wouldn’t say I like how it interrupts your movie-watching experience with pop-up ads and links to unrelated websites as you scroll the page.

The remaining capabilities are standard fare compared to other free Movie streaming sites.


The truth is that I have a slight bias in favour of this MovieTube alternative because it is where I most often choose to view movies myself. And it’s not always about the films themselves; with the right mix of news and reviews, audience members may learn everything there is to know about a given season’s worth of films and television shows. I’m excited; they’ve got the newest and greatest products, and that’s only the beginning.

Yes, there are a few annoying commercial issues, but it’s worth it, considering you can choose from as many as seven or eight different servers to watch the same video.

123Movies is the finest alternative within the list of sites like MovieTube because of all the free features available without the need to sign up. Instead of specializing in single episodes, 123Movies is dedicated to TV series. They also have a Live TV feature that you may use to watch presently airing episodes.

Make sure to peruse their many classifications, such as genres, most popular, most viewed, etc., to quickly find what’s trending.


Regarding directories of movie streaming sites like MovieTube, Megashare is a household brand. Megashare is a rather well-organized and flexible network for movie fans, despite its focus on movies and the lack of TV programming.

I liked that they made the platform easy to use without getting in the way of people’s experience on the site.

Movies and TV shows are categorized by genres such as action, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, etc. In reality, animated manga is also available. You are under no need to sign up; however, doing so is highly recommended.

They also provide material for Asian reality shows and dramas. While I agree that the site isn’t as up-to-date as others like MovieTube, it’s a good bet for video streaming, given its enormous user base.


You’ve probably visited this site before, as it’s extremely popular and has a large user base due to its user-friendly design and extensive database. Fans of television programmes will be disappointed to learn that Xmovies8 only hosts a movie database.

Xmovie8 is a fantastic alternative to MovieTube because it doesn’t require you to sign up to watch movies or TV shows and is free to use.

Unlike most other sites on this list, this one lets you do more than view movies online; it also lets you download them. You can find every Movie ever made, all tagged with information about its quality, rating, and genre.

Popular movies, new releases, most watched, etc., are just a few categories you can explore here. You may also search for them based on the year they were released or the genres they belong to. Because it is free to use, you will be bombarded with advertisements frequently.


Many people have forgotten what a fantastic addition Primewire is to this list of sites like MovieTube because so many new sites are always being launched to provide consumers with free movie streaming. Not only can you watch your favourite movies here, but you can also listen to your favourite songs and watch your favourite TV episodes.

Registration on Primewire’s website is quick, easy, and completely free. If the listed domain is down, try searching for them at similar TLDs like org or is.

Videos can also be downloaded from the site using add-on software. Thanks to regular updates, it’s not surprising to find movies that just came out the day before.

Searches are highly refined and effective, and various criteria can sort movies and TV series. The site offers high-definition versions of all the videos, but it still suggests using a virtual private network (VPN) for more security. If you want to know when new episodes of your favourite show will be available, check out their TV schedule.


Movies4u offers one of the most user-friendly designs here. Despite the name, it provides more than simply movies; it also offers television series.

Filters like “Features,” “Top IMDb,” “Trending,” and so on are available on the top bar. There’s a slider that cycles through some movies that could appeal to you. When you select a random film, other options appear in the sidebar to the right. Both the year of release and the genre can be used to narrow down the list of available films.

The preview images for each film are clickable as well. When you mouse over the image, details about the film, such as its year of release, quality, IMBd rating, length, genre, and brief description, will appear.

There are various server options available in the video player. There is a download link, but I have never seen it function.


Project Free TV, of which TVBox is a part, encompasses several online video platforms. It’s fascinating to see how well they’re doing in this market and becoming a fantastic choice for video hosting sites like MovieTube.

You should favour this website above any alternative because of its extensive library of high-quality television series.

The film database is also decent, but TV shows are where the site shines. Moreover, unlike on sites like MovieTube, which I’ve included in this list, you may watch Game of Thrones here for free.

Those who previously relied on paid memberships to other sites can now turn to TVBox for their free entertainment requirements. Users can visit the site for enjoyment without signing up or going through any hoops. As on several competing sites, the lack of a more comprehensive classification is the one drawback to this service.

Sun Film

Solar Movie is an end-all, be-all of making free entertainment. There is also a mirror site, although this one falls into the category of sites like MovieTube due to its free video content.

If you wish to make movie requests on this site, you can skip the signup step, but I urge you to do it anyway.

Solar Movie can organize films and TV series in various ways, including by genre, nation, rating, and even release date. Various genres, including action, drama, mystery, horror, and comedy, may be found in its films and television shows.

The most recent developments in the entertainment business are also covered here. You won’t have to deal with as many ad and pop-up interruptions as you could on other websites. The high-definition quality of the most available movies and television series makes for an excellent viewing experience.


Movie4k’s ‘to’ domain is now down in most locations. Therefore I enlisted this one for the group of movie sites like MovieTube. This refined successor to the original site; provides a huge library of films and television shows.

Movie4k lets you watch free live TV and has tons of great direct videos you can view right now.

It’s interesting to see the range of video quality, from high definition (HD) to standard definition (360p), and the corresponding range of data consumption. The large number of genres and files in each makes it simple to zero in on a specific one.

When using Movie4k, users are spared the trouble of creating an account because it is not required. Videos can also be filtered based on quality, year of release, and user-created categories of interest. Since it is frequently updated and has a large database, Movie4k is a great addition to the list of alternatives to MovieTube.


The final contender for my MovieTube replacement is Genvideos. I’m sure many of you have no idea what this website is, but if you’re looking for a free way to watch movies and TV series, it’s a fantastic option.

While joining Genvideos is completely voluntary, all users will benefit from personalized movie recommendations and fast site updates once they do.

In terms of the site’s database, however, Genvideos is, unfortunately, just useful for finding movies. Romance, horror, anime, humour, action, etc., are all represented well. Other criteria, such as popularity or release date, can also sort movies.

Although updates on the site are sluggish, you’ll find just about every major film release right here. The fact that all the high-quality films are available justifies its inclusion on this list of alternatives to MovieTube.

In addition to browsing films according to the genre, you can also use the site’s search box to locate the films you’re looking for. Pop-up windows and advertisements may be annoying, but they are minor inconveniences compared to the priceless content you can access without spending a dime.


Some of these sites, like Movietube, are copies of formerly popular ones that failed but have since become hugely successful. The best sites for streaming movies and TV episodes don’t require viewers to sign up for an account unless they want to.

If we’re talking about adaptability and the kinds of material that appeal to a wide range of people, then these platforms are ideal. I also included several lesser-known sites that offer valuable information but haven’t yet attracted as much attention as the more well-known ones. Get ready for a fantastic weekend by perusing these resources.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

I need help accessing Movietube.

There was a problem with Movietube. All the above sites can be used to access these alternatives and watch movies without cost.

Is it possible to watch movies without paying for Movietube?

Since Movietube is no longer accessible for free, we’ve included several comparable options without cost.

Where can I find a list of the movies hosted on sites similar to Movietube?

You can discover everything you want to. Some sites provide everything from the newest releases to the oldest classics.


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